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April 17, 2024
Humminbird YouTube Channel Focused On Fish Finder Technology
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Humminbird YouTube Channel Focused On Fish Finder Technology


RACINE, Wis. – Humminbird® recently launched a new YouTube tutorial pagededicated to teaching anglers how to unlock the full capabilities of its popular HELIX® fish finder models, in turn allowing anglers to be more productive in their summer fishing.

With this new YouTube channel, Humminbird is providing step-by-step information to answer some of users’ most frequently asked questions related to fish finders, including: rigging, troubleshooting, menu shortcuts, sonar, chart and navigation tips. With more than 120 easily digestible, straightforward videos, Humminbird is dedicated to making sure HELIX owners master every aspect of their units.

“With new technological innovations, Humminbird fish finders have more capabilities than ever before, which allow to fish more efficiently and create a better, more enjoyable experience on the water,” Matt Cook, Humminbird brand manager, said. “Knowledge is power and with so many features in our fish finders, we wanted to provide a resource for anglers to find the information that will help them get the most out of their fishing.”

Currently, the YouTube page focuses on Humminbird’s HELIX model supplying video tutorials related to the HELIX 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 models. Videos featuring Humminbird’s full suite of products will be added throughout the year including the Humminbird SOLIX® and ICE HELIX®, along with specific playlists related to Down Imaging®, Side Imaging®, LakeMaster® Mapping and AutoChart® Live.

Humminbird has been a pioneer in fish finding technology with its best-in-class imaging capabilities that allow anglers to see fish more clearly. New MEGA Imaging+™ technology provides the clearest, sharpest imaging returns ever and unlocks more fish and structure, helping anglers find fish and the places fish hide. The benefits of Humminbird’s fish finding innovations extend beyond the Humminbird brand and take on new potency when combined with power of Minn Kota to create the One-Boat Network™. The integrated connectivity provides more boat control solutions for all anglers including hands-free fishing while the boat navigates water automatically.

“The One-Boat Network is designed to make fishing easier for anglers out on the water, and we are taking this a step further with the Humminbird How-To YouTube page by providing anglers with the knowledge to be effective users of their Humminbird electronics.” Cook said.

Humminbird owners can subscribe to the Humminbird newsletter to check out specific tutorial videos each month breaking down frequently asked user questions, tips from Humminbird’s pro team members, as well as new software updates and product promotions.