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June 16, 2024
Preventative Vehicle Maintenance – The Benefits – Lucas Oil Pro Tips

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance – The Benefits – Lucas Oil Pro Tips

Lucas Oil Marine

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance – The Benefits – Lucas Oil Pro Tips


Vehicle maintenance is something most of us have to deal with. For many, it is a labor of love: bringing a classic back to its prime or keeping a family auto in tip-top shape for teenagers and their siblings to share. Confident DIYers are comfortable popping the hood and getting grease under their fingernails. For most, regular maintenance is left to the professionals.

Whether you consider it a joy or a chore, regular vehicle maintenance is crucial to ensuring the reliability, safety, and utility of a car, truck, van or SUV. We rely on these machines to transport us through daily life, and keeping them running smoothly takes the same care we give to our homes and ourselves.

But you don’t have to be a gearhead or spend hundreds of dollars at the auto shop tearing down and cleaning an engine, there’s a much easier way to care for a vehicle that everyone can do: use fuel additives.


It sounds too simple, but fuel additives like Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment can do a lot to improve engine performance and efficiency in gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. Fuel Treatment is a powerful blend of lubricants and cleaning agents designed to de-gunk a fuel system and flush out nasty deposits that build up in an engine – it’s like a multivitamin for your vehicle – circulating through the system delivering benefits to critical components.

Just as multivitamin provides essential nutrients to our bodies, fuel additives can provide numerous advantages to our vehicles when added regularly. Think of additives as a daily dose of vitamins that can help keep your vehicle running at its best.


Additives are the multivitamin for car health, with different blends benefiting different parts of a vehicle’s engine and performance. Fuel system cleaners can help keep the fuel lines, injectors and combustion chambers clean, while octane boosters improve power and acceleration, and fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh and prevent gumming and buildup.

To kickstart your vehicle multivitamin regimen, start with Fuel Treatment. It’s an easy-to-use, comprehensive product that is great for novice car owners and enthusiasts and offers real benefits for your vehicle and wallet. Just pour in one 5-ounce bottle once a month or every other time you fill up your gas tank.

  • Cleans fuel system. Adding a fuel additive every other time you fill up will help prevent deposit buildup and flush out existing deposits.
  • Cleans engine. Fuel additives like Lucas Fuel Treatment do an excellent job of cleaning internal components without the need to break down an engine.
  • Improves fuel efficiency. A good fuel additive will maximize every drop of gas in the tank, burning more completely and efficiently, leaving nothing behind to corrode or gunk up your fuel system. The more efficiently your vehicle is able to use fuel, the more miles you can go on a single tank. 
  • Avoid trips to the auto service shop. Maintaining a clean fuel system and engine can prevent a number of performance or reliability issues. Friction, heat, wear and tear can wreak havoc on new and old engines, a major cause of engine failure that requires a costly rebuild or replacement. Fuel and oil additives, especially those with added lubrication like Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Stabilizer, effectively reduce engine friction and prevent common engine wear issues. Lucas in the tank, money in the bank.

Curious about how often you should use fuel additives in your vehicle? Think of additives like multivitamins for your car. If you use them regularly you maximize their benefits – and for your vehicle that means better engine performance, lower emissions and fewer trips to the service station. Try adding Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment to your fuel with every other fill up and watch how your vehicle responds. We think you’ll be impressed.

When it comes to taking the best care of your vehicle, try Lucas first.