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September 28, 2023
June 8th – Outer Banks Surf – Sound – Back Country Fishing Report
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June 8th – Outer Banks Surf – Sound – Back Country Fishing Report

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Thursday June 8th

Outer Banks Surf – Sound – Back Country Fishing Report with Capt Marty Brill

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Good morning. It’s Thursday, June 8th. This is your Surf, Sound and Backcountry Outer Banks Fishing report and fishing continues to be good from the Gulfstream to the freshwater inshore areas. It’s just good fishing. I don’t know why, but we’ll take it In the surf today, traditional type summertime fishing.

Even though we’re not quite to summertime Sea mullets and Bluefish were available mostly where you wanted to go, and if you were lucky you might catch a Puppy Drum.

There’s been some Ribbon Fish caught on the pier. I did not hear of a Cobia caught off the beach today, but they’re there and those numbers should increase. It helps a little bit if we get a bright, sunny day, but we’ll see how all that goes In the sound. Lots of good fishing, whether you’re doing it yourself or whether you’re going with a guide. You get out there with a 10 pound test and a light spinning rod or a fly rod and catch a 5 to 8 pound speckled trout Oh my gosh, you don’t get much better than that And then also a puppy drum, and some of them are nice sized. Most of them in the slot, though, so you can take one home to eat if you want. But there’s also some areas you can fish without a boat and without a guide. One of them I’d recommend is the Bonner Bridge. The old Bonner Bridge across the Oregon Island is now a really nice fishing pier. You will need a license, but right now you’re going to catch bluefish and sea mullet, but the sheet pad especially if you can come up with some filler crabs or sand fleas but the sheet pad is one of the best eaten fish we catch as well. So a lot of opportunity for all different kinds of things, whether you’re in the surf on a pier, plenty of friendly tackle shops and people to teach you and show you how to do it, and you can do that a lot more affordably than you might think. So even if you didn’t plan on it, give it a try and contact your local tackle shop and find out how.

That’s my report for you on this Thursday morning.