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The team at loves fishing of all types. From Freshwater to Saltwater, Inshore to Offshore, Bass Fishing to Fly Fishing we love it all. Our goal is to leverage our network of industry professionals to connect you with news, fishing reports updates, interviews, live tournament coverage and more.
Power-Pole Move Brushless Trolling Motor
Introducing The New Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor Go Farther. Fish Harder. Make Every Move Count. We've been hearing for a while now that Power-Pole would be launching a game changing trolling motor. After much anticipation the Power-Pole team made the announcement on social media platforms and their website today launching two dynamic next-gen brushless trolling motors, the MOVE ZR scissor-lift and...
Destination - Niagara New York If you know .... you know. If you are not familiar with the Niagara New York Region we want to share it with you. The mighty Niagara River joins two Great Lakes – Lake Ontario and Lake Erie – and the Erie Canal affords other fishing opportunities, which is why Niagara Falls USA is globally recognized for its...
Must See: Controlling Your Future with a Positive Mindset by Gerald Swindle We've always enjoyed seeing Gerald Swindle "The G-Man" on stage and at events over the years. He's quick-witted, funny and tells it like it is but he stays true to himself. Gerald Swindle presents Controlling Your Future with a Positive Mindset - NPAA 2023 Conference in Fort Myers, FL.  
Tournament King Mackerel Live Bait Rig - Captain Mark Henderson - Liquid Fire Fishing Team Learn from the Pro's on how to make a Live Bait Rig for King Mackerel Fishing! Captain Mark Henderson shares how the Liquid Fire Fishing Team prepares to catch king mackerel using their Live Bait Rig for tournament King Mackerel Fishing.    
Are Tinted Fluorocarbon Lines Visible Underwater? One of the advantages of fishing 100% Seaguar fluorocarbon fishing line is that it is less visible underwater than monofilament and braid. We wondered if it was less visible than tinted fluorocarbon lines too. Go underwater with Kim Stricker to see how colored or tinted fluorocarbon line compares to lines made with 100% Seaguar...
How We Use Sirius XM Marine Weather During The Fall Tournament Season As we get ready for King Mackerel tournament fishing season on the North Carolina coast we have two things on our minds ... well maybe three. Where the bait located, the fish and what will the weather do. Typically, all three of these will aid you in winning...
Trolling For Spanish – Captain Noah Lynk – PCF Pro Tips Captain Noah Lynk discussing Trolling For Spanish of the Coast of North Carolina.    
Mustang Survival New Products - ICAST 2022 We catch up with Dan from Mustang Survival at ICAST 2022 in Orlando. Dan shares with us the new products from Mustang Survival.    

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