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Saltwater Fishing
The team at loves fishing of all types. From Freshwater to Saltwater, Inshore to Offshore, Bass Fishing to Fly Fishing we love it all. Our goal is to leverage our network of industry professionals to connect you with news, fishing reports updates, interviews, live tournament coverage and more.
Dr Bob Timson and his world record Spanish hogfish
Southport North Carolina Angler Catches World Record Spanish Hogfish Not many fishermen leave the dock in the morning thinking they might catch a world record fish, but fishermen enjoying a day on the water with Capt. Hiroki Toma on Matias might begin to consider it more likely to happen.  Yes, fishermen who are friends of Toma have landed two world...
Late Summer Spanish Mackerel Fishing Tips Have you had those times when you can see Spanish mackerel jumping and obviously feeding, but they’ve developed a serious case of lockjaw around every lure you’ve tried? If you say no, I want to take a look in your tackle box and check out your lures. We’ve all had those days and the...
Pro Tournamnet King Mackerel Rigs
Pro Tips - Tournament King Mackerel Fishing Rigs - Captain Mark Henderson  If you are interested in what the Professional King Mackerel Team are using for live bait fishing on the tournament trail this video is for you. The Cape Carteret based family fishing team Liquid Fire is not stranger to the top of the leaderboard. Captain Mark Henderson shares that his go...
Learn How Mustang Survival Helped COVID Front Line Workers At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a shortage of hospital gown PPE emerged in Canada - triggering Mustang Survival to transform a local manufacturing facility to help frontline workers — our healthcare heroes. This is the story of The Gown; why they made it, who it’s for, and how the Mustang...
Behind The Scenes - Mustang Survival PFD Quality Control Take a behind the scenes tour to learn about the quality control process being the Mustang Survival brand.  
Captain Mark Henderson On Cannon Down Riggers - ICAST 2021 SKA Angler Captain Mark Henderson with the Liquid Fire Fishing Team is at the Cannon booth during for ICAST 2021 and he explains some of the features of the new Cannon down riggers.    
MIRAGE PRO ANGLER 14 360 MIKE IACONELLI EDITION When a match like this strikes, it’s bound to be explosive. Hobie and professional bass angler, Mike Iaconelli have teamed up to deliver the Mirage Pro Angler 14 360 Mike Iaconelli Edition. Detonating in Firecracker Red Camouflage, this Pro Angler stands ready to turn heads. Equipped with the award-winning MirageDrive 360 with Kick-Up...
Targeting Spanish Mackerel With Light Tackle - Captain Noah Lynk - PCF Pro Tips
Targeting Spanish Mackerel With Light Tackle - Captain Noah Lynk - PCF Pro Tips  
Popping Corks for Redfish - PCF Pro Tips Join Dwayne Smith from The Redfish Guys as he discuss how to use popping corks for inshore red fishing.  
How To - Targeting Inshore Species With Spoons We've all heard stories and many of us know of folks that were born as the old saying says, "Born with a silver spoon in their mouth."  Our tip for this month follows this idea a bit by offering several ideas for fishing with spoons.  Spoons are a bit of a fisherman's...

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