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Rapid Fishing Solutions - Hook Allvideo
Kayak Fishing Tip – Hook All Tool - Rapid Fishing Solutions Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on using the Rapid Fishing Solutions Hook All Tool. For saltwater anglers Rapid Fishing Solutions makes a larger version of the Hook All Tool. For more information and to purchase visit their website by clicking here.
Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on why kayak anglers need a first aid kit. Before you go paddling, play it safe and get a first aid kit.      
Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on why the paddle is important while kayak fishing in his Jackson Kayak Mayfly. An often overlooked piece of gear (until you need it or forget it) the kayak paddle is one of your most important pieces of gear. In this video John is using the Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus Fishing Kayak Paddle and...
I was probably already doing this some, but as I began kayak fishing I learned just how many fish I drift or paddle over.  We are all programmed to want to sit in the front of the boat and have the first cast at fish, which should give the best opportunity to land the biggest and most fish. However, I've...
John Deshauteurs shares how to stay safe on the water and how we need to be aware of hooks while kayak
Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on Kayak Fishing Hook Awareness. We are excited to work with and feature his Kayak fishing updates, tips, and how to's. Check back often to see what news and information John has to share. South Mississippi native, John Deshauteurs, was born and raised on the Gulf Coast. As his passion for fishing kept him busy...

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