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Kayak Fishing Gear – Power-Pole Micro Anchor  Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs discusses the Power-Pole Micro Anchor for his Kayak.   Power-Pole Micro Anchor hold Jon boats and small skiffs up to 1500 lbs (including passengers) perfect for kayaks and paddle boards. Micro driver unit is easily-removable making storage or transfer to other vessels simple. Includes adjustable mounting bracket. Other mounting...
Kayak fishermen wanting to improve their fishing and kayaking skills should consider attending the Kayak Fishing School presented by the Oak Island Parks and Recreation Department on May 11, 2019.  The day will begin with classroom activities and conclude with kayak demos on the water.  Captain Jerry Dilsaver, of the Hobie Kayaks Fishing Team, will lead the sessions, with...
Choosing The Right Cold Weather Kayak Fishing Gear Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on choosing the right gear for cold conditions.    
Kayak Fishing Gear - Choosing The Right Dry Bag Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on Dry Bags while on the water. In this video, John shares the following Dry Bag Kayak Tips – Get a bag that's collapsible.  Once sealed/closed properly store your bag.  A good bag keeps your gear dry! Wear Your Life Jacket!  Tight lines and stay safe on the water.  
Cambutal, Panama James McBeath, from Carleton Place finished on top at the Los Buzos World Kayak Fishing Championships held in Cambutal, Panama this past week.  Competitors qualified from tournaments across the globe filling the field with anglers from countries like Australia, Singapore, the US, Germany, Switzerland and Canada.   McBeath beat out all athletes over a 5-day tournament period where the best 3...
Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on standing up in kayak for the first time. In this video John shares the following Pro Kayak Fishing Tips when standing up in a kayak - First and foremost Wear Your PFD!  Make Sure You Have A Clean Platform Gett a Pull Assist Rope  Practice In A Controlled Environment     
Rapid Fishing Solutions - Hook Allvideo
Kayak Fishing Tip – Hook All Tool - Rapid Fishing Solutions Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on using the Rapid Fishing Solutions Hook All Tool. For saltwater anglers Rapid Fishing Solutions makes a larger version of the Hook All Tool. For more information and to purchase visit their website by clicking here.
Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on why kayak anglers need a first aid kit. Before you go paddling, play it safe and get a first aid kit.      
Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on why the paddle is important while kayak fishing in his Jackson Kayak Mayfly. An often overlooked piece of gear (until you need it or forget it) the kayak paddle is one of your most important pieces of gear. In this video John is using the Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus Fishing Kayak Paddle and...
I was probably already doing this some, but as I began kayak fishing I learned just how many fish I drift or paddle over.  We are all programmed to want to sit in the front of the boat and have the first cast at fish, which should give the best opportunity to land the biggest and most fish. However, I've...

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