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This video shows Uncharted Waters Host Peter Miller and his simple recipe that will beat any restaurant lobster. Olive Oil, Butter, Garlic Salt, Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, and a hot grill. Don't forget, plastic forks, pre-made Mac and cheese, nonstick spray, heavy-duty plastic plates, napkins, oven mitt or fishing gloves to remove melted butter and Mac. ENJOY!
Seaguar Tackle Tip With BigWater Adventures Host Mark Davis - Palomar Knot Mark shares his tips on tying the Palomar Knot.    
Watch this video to learn how to display the SiriusXM Marine Fish Mapping fishing recommendations feature on your Garmin display via your GXM 54 receiver.    
Its time for our Seagaur Tackle Tip with Mark Davis - BigWater Adventures TV Wach and learn as Mark Davis - BigWater Adventures breaks down how to tie an FG Knot.    
Mark Davis - BigWater Adventures discuss the impact the dimeter of leader line material has on fishing.    
Cooking Mahi Mahi Tacos with Uncharted Waters - Peter Miller There's nothing better than catching fresh fish and cooking them on the grill while on the boat
Some fishermen consider bluefin tuna to be dinosaurs still swimming in the ocean. Atlantic bluefin tuna have very few natural predators. Weighing in at over 1000 pounds in some cases, these fish face few natural threats. Orca whales and sharks are generally their largest predators. ICCAT (International Committee for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) is a coalition of most of the...
Guide to re-arming your Mustang Survival HIT (Hydrostatic) Inflatable PFD. If your inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD's) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cartridge has been used during inflation, your PFD will need to be re-armed, meaning a new CO2 cartridge will need to be installed into the inflator mechanism. The video below provides step by step instructions on re-arming your PFD. You will...
Speckled Trout Fishing 101 With Capt Ricky Kellum - Speckled Specialist Charters Are you looking to catch more Speckled Trout? Tune in and learn tips from Captain Ricky Kellum on how to target Speckled Trout. LIVE Thursday November 1st at 8:00 PM On this weeks Fishing Radio show, Captain Ricky Kellum and Todd Willis - Neuse River Bait and Tackle join us...
RIBBONFISH A ribbonfish by any other name would still catch big king mackerel.  This is borrowed and heavily tweaked from the famous Shakespearian quote, but it says a lot about the thin, silver, eel-like fish king mackerel fishermen like to troll for bait.  Ribbonfish, more properly called cutlass fish, are one of 45 species in the Trichiuridae family.  In addition...

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