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Mark Zona on Cracking a Tube Mark Zona explains his line selection for cracking a tube and why straight fluorocarbon helps his presentation.    
Power-Pole Moments: Chris Lane It's all in the family. Team Power-Pole Professional Bass angler Chris Lane talks about the moment that his son, Cal, was able to join the Power-Pole family.
Raymarine Axiom+ Engine Integration Engine integration is easy with the Raymarine Axiom+. Learn more about how you can get setup here.   Learn more about the Axiom+ line of multifunction displays: #raymarine #axiomplus #boatengineintegration EXPLORE Raymarine's website: Fishing: Sailing: Cruising: Commercial: SUBSCRIBE to the Raymarine YouTube channel FOLLOW Raymarine Blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Raymarine is a world leader in high performance...
SiriusXM Marine has recently launched their new service called Fish Mapping. The service is designed to help saltwater anglers from Beginner to Pro locate fish faster and more effectively. In this podcast, Jay and Dan from Sirius XM Marine discuss some new features for the Sirius XM Fish Mapping service. Fish Mapping Features ✔ Fishing Recommendations View locations oceanographers recommend to find specific types of...
Understanding Raymarine Sonar Channels on Axiom+ In this video, we show you more about the sonar capabilities on Axiom+, including RealVision™ 3D sonar as well as CHIRP DownVision/SideVision. Learn more at:  
Seaguar Expands Its High-Visibility Smackdown Arsenal Visual strike detection puts more fish in the boat. Indeed, keen-eyed anglers frequently describe instances of their line jumping unexpectedly, going limp when it was previously taut, or charging off to the left or right — all telltale signs that a bite has occurred and that it’s time to set the hook. Seeing bites,...
Barry Stokes from Let's Fish TV as he goes through the WM-4 Marine Satellite Weather Receiver! This product makes fishing easier and more entertaining by keeping you aware of incoming weather and giving access to SiriusXM Radio!  
Mustang ambassador and adventure guide, Norm Hann, invites us into his world to explore finding one’s path and purpose, his greatest teachers, and a paradigm shift he sees linked to respect, connection and personal growth beyond land.  
How to Upgrade LightHouse OS on Raymarine Axiom In this video, we show you how to upgrade the LightHouse OS on your Axiom, Axiom+, and AxiomXL multifunction display. Learn more at:  
Raymarine Axiom+ Connectivity and Network Options Raymarine Axiom+ has a variety of connectivity options. This video walks you through each one and how to use it. Learn more about the Axiom+ line of multifunction displays:  

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