Destination – Niagara New York

Destination – Niagara New York

If you know …. you know. If you are not familiar with the Niagara New York Region we want to share it with you.

The mighty Niagara River joins two Great Lakes – Lake Ontario and Lake Erie – and the Erie Canal affords other fishing opportunities, which is why Niagara Falls USA is globally recognized for its fishing.

How did you end up fishing in the region? 

As most of our followers we are based on the coast of North Carolina so we are often asked how did you end up fishing in New York. Thanks to an annual freshwater media event over the past 9 years we have gotten to know the amazing people, food, fishing and the local area.

Almost 30 years ago Mark Davis (the host of Big Water Adventures) and Captain Frank Campbell (Niagara Fishing Charters) started the event to showcase the local area to some of the best fishing manufactures and fishing media outlets.

As Mark Davis says … “The first week of May you will find us fishing in the Niagara New York Region.