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July 23, 2024
ICAST – Lew’s and Lucas Oil Develop New HyperSpeed Reel Bearing Lubricant
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ICAST – Lew’s and Lucas Oil Develop New HyperSpeed Reel Bearing Lubricant

Let’s face it – todays’ fishing reels are highly precise, engineered pieces of equipment. The faster the reel, the more stress and pressure is placed on the inner workings of the reel. Maintaining and tuning these state-of-the-art reels is essential to realizing their full potential and performance capabilities. So, when two highly innovative and precision-oriented companies like Lew’s and Lucas Oil partner together on a project, the end product is bound to turn some heads.

At the 2019 ICAST Show in Orlando, FL, Lew’s and Lucas Oil will introduce new HyperSpeed Speed Lube. As a high-speed reel bearing lubricant, each bottle contains 1oz of custom formulated synthetic base oils that are formulated specifically for today’s high performance baitcast reels. Utilizing the lubrication and oil sourcing expertise from the folks at Lucas Oil, this reel oil allows maximum performance of baitcast spool main shaft bearings through a low coefficient of friction with superior flow and lubricity.

Like other reel oils, HyperSpeed is long-lasting and oxidation resistant, and will not form residual lacquers or gums. All in all, HyperSpeed is designed to not only maintain bearing life in baitcast reels, but also increase performance to see their full potential in castability and smoothness.

With a needle applicator on each bottle for precise application, HyperSpeed weighs in at an MSRP of $8.99 per bottle.


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