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June 16, 2024
Introducing The New Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor
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Introducing The New Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor

Introducing The New Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor

Go Farther. Fish Harder. Make Every Move Count.

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Power-Pole would be launching a game changing trolling motor. After much anticipation they made the announcement launching two dynamic next-gen brushless trolling motors, the MOVE ZR scissor-lift and the MOVE PV pivot mount. Both models are made for saltwater and freshwater.

The MSRP for both the MOVE ZR scissor-lift and the MOVE PV pivot mount will be $4,999.99 and backed by the legandary Power-Pole customer service team. The MOVE PV will be available in 45′ 52′ 60′ 72′ shaft lengths and the MOVE ZR 45′ 52′ 60′ shaft lengths.

Watch the video and take a look at the new Power-Pole MOVE. A next-gen brushless trolling motor that conquers the harshest conditions with unrivaled power, unmatched durability, and unbelievable efficiency at near-absolute silence.

Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor

Constructed With Compound Fail-Safes
Power-Pole scoured every inch of standard trolling motors for reoccurring failure points unacceptable to top anglers. This allowed them to reinforce MOVE with backup systems on top of backup systems, on top of even more backup systems, in just the right places, to maximize resiliency.

Multi-Layered Corrosion Resistant Technology
All MOVE models are ready to withstand the saltiest conditions and keep trolling on.

Aerospace Grade Titanium Shaft
Made with a shaft made of unbreakable aerospace-grade titanium, one of the planet’s strongest, most corrosion-resistant, yet lightweight metals.

Whisper Silent Operation
MOVE’s custom Stealth Steering Drive and innovative brushless technology make it the ultimate secret weapon for sneaking up on fish.

Extreme Efficiency
MOVE allows all-day anglers to go farther than ever before,getting marathon levels of trolling time out of their batteries without sacrificing performance.

30% More Efficient Than Industry Leading Trolling Motor

Commanding Thrust For Total Control
MOVE pushes more thrust than leading industry trolling motors. Giving your boat the agility to get to the next fishing spot first while holding it down better than anyone else in your wake.

30% More Thrust Than Industry Leading Trolling Motors

Flexible Battery Configurations
MOVE comes ready to work with BOTH 24-volt and 36-volt battery configurations, so you can power up and change it up without worry.

24v Battery Setup
36v Battery Setup

Wireless Hybrid Remote
Get complete control of MOVE and your Power-Pole shallow water anchors with our Wireless Hybrid Remote. The Hybrid Remote was built with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, giving you an impressive amount of control time without needing a recharge.

Every Hybrid Remote comes with its own dash mountable charging cradle, so when you do need to power up, you can keep it safe, accessible and ready to make moves.

Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor Wireless Hybrid Remote

3-Year Unit Warranty

Lifetime Titanium Shaft Warranty