Kayak Fishing Tip – Do Not Forget The Paddle

Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs shares his tips on why the paddle is important while kayak fishing in his Jackson Kayak Mayfly.

An often overlooked piece of gear (until you need it or forget it) the kayak paddle is one of your most important pieces of gear.

In this video John is using the Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus Fishing Kayak Paddle and Baja Paddle Leash by YakGear 

Angler Ace Plus Fishing Kayak Paddle
Bending Branches Angler Ace Plus Fishing Kayak Paddle
Baja Paddle Leash by YakGear 
Baja Paddle Leash by YakGear

John Deshauteurs Kayak AnglerJohn Deshauteurs - Kayak Angler Sponsors


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South Mississippi native, John Deshauteurs, was born and raised on the Gulf Coast. As his passion for fishing kept him busy throughout his childhood, he was certain that a career in this industry would be his ultimate goal. Every free second was spent outdoors searching for the next freshwater lake and sneaking off during chore time to perfect his casting techniques. Weekends were spent watching his favorite anglers on the outdoor channel; pros like Mark Davis, Jose Wejebe and Joe Thomas lit a fire in his heart and inspired him to pursue his passion. For the past six years, John has paved his own way in this industry by working product promotion days, trade shows and fishing tournaments. John continues to pursue his goals in kayak fishing by introducing industry leading brands to his fellow kayak anglers.
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