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June 21, 2024
World Record King Mackerel Caught
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World Record King Mackerel Caught

Word Record King Mackerel

Reports (and pictures) are surfacing around the internet with information that a new world record King Mackerel was caught. Captain JB & Troy – Topshot Sportfishing out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Two weights have been posted but Anglers Mike & Brook were on their Honeymoon and caught a 97.8 lb (also reported a 100.5 lb) King Mackerel on 40 lb test.

Both weights break the current record set by Steve Graulau of 93 lbs in 1999 out of San Juan, PR.

We will keep you posted on details as well get them.

King Mackerel - Scomberomorus Cavalla
Fish Images Courtesy of King Sailfish Release Mounts King Sailfish Release Mounts

Current Record Details

Angler Steve Graulau
Weight of Fish 42.18 kg (93 lbs 0 oz)
Length of Fish cm ( 62.5 in)
Girth of Fish cm ( 30 in)
Location of Catch San Juan
Date of Catch 4/18/1999
Type of Rod Mako
Type of Reel Penn 50
Type of Line
Line Size
Method of Catch trolling
Lure or Bait ballyhoo