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December 6, 2023
The Capt Marty Project
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The Capt Marty Project

The Capt Marty Project

We are excited to announce the launch of the The Capt Marty Project with our longtime friend Captain Marty Brill. Buckle up and get ready for some of “The Captains” famous stories! The project will feature daily Outer Banks fishing reports, tournament updates, How To’s, Outer Banks Recipes from Sharon Peele Kennedy and of course his famous stories!

Capt Marty and Jay

Who is Capt Marty

Marty Brill was born in St. Petersburg, Fla in 1957.  Much of his youth was spent moving around the country while his dad was in various schools and training for a career in aerospace engineering.  In the third grade Marty and his family settled down for good in the small fishing village of Ponce Inlet, Florida. The town of Ponce Inlet was located at the south end of Daytona Beach, just one block from the old south turn of the historic beach race track where NASCAR had it’s roots. His dad worked at the Kennedy Space Center and the family moved into their home at the foot of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

Marty grew up just one block from the fishing docks in Ponce Inlet and spent the rest of his boyhood surf fishing, backcounty exploring and headboat fishing during the heyday of the snapper and grouper fishery.

One day, while working as a fifteen-year old mate on the headboat Flamingo, he saw his first blue marlin as it tailed by on the surface.  It was at that moment he decided to go seek out a job where blue marlin were more plentiful.  That dream led him to Hatteras, North Carolina. On the day he graduated from high school in 1975, he packed his truck, kissed his mom and dad goodbye and headed to the Outer Banks.

Marty spent two summers as a mate in Hatteras before moving up to Oregon Inlet where he was a mate for six years on the Sundancer, the Fight-n-Lady and the Tarheel.  At that point he took over as captain of the Tarheel when owner John Bayliss had to take a two- year emergency leave to handle family business in California.  When John returned to take back the helm of the Tarheel, Marty began a five-year run as captain of the Reelin at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.  He finished up his career as captain on the charter boat Seabreeze.

Marty then opened a state-of-the-art tackle shop in Nags Head that specialized in teaching offshore fishing. Capt. Marty’s Fishing and Hunting Outfitters was where Marty began his career in radio broadcasting with “The Other Side of Fishing”.  For 23 years he has partnered with Jody O’Donnell on Beach 104.1 F.M and Big 94.5 F.M. to bring entertaining stories from our local waters, sharing history and sea adventure, as well as painting a fishing forecast six days a week.

Marty also put in twenty-one years as the Commercial Port Agent for the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries.  As the liaison between the state and local seafood dealers, Marty brought his background as a working waterman with him every day to work.

Marty moved out to the wide-open spaces of Hyde County and Lake Mattumuskeet 16 years ago to pursue   his two current passions in life. One is whitetail deer hunting and the other is large scale gardening and orchard growing.

Meanwhile he still likes to fish.  But after an offshore career that saw him catch seven blue marlin over 500 pounds, Capt. Marty’s favorite fishing now is with his granddaughters Jayda and Ella, with a cane pole in hand, catching catfish and bream in his front yard pond.

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