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June 18, 2024
The Secret’s Out About SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping
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The Secret’s Out About SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping

The Secret’s Out About SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping

Well we have been telling you for some time to get onboard with the SiriusXM Marine Fishing Mapping service.

Whether you’re competing in a tournament, out fishing for fun, or taking clients on a charter trip, Fish Mapping identifies specific locations in the ocean with the highest likelihood of finding the fish that you’re seeking to catch.

Fish Mapping provides regularly updated, science-based data to help you locate fish faster – saving time and fuel. This service includes all of SiriusXM Marine’s weather data plus the 8 dedicated features below for offshore anglers.

Fishing Recommendations

View locations oceanographers recommend to find specific types of game fish, based on data-driven analysis. The locations are overlaid on your chart, can be viewed in combination with any of the other features and are updated twice per week.

Weed Lines

View concentrations of floating algae/plants, which provide nutrients and cover, creating habitats for bait fish, shrimp, etc., and attract larger, predatory game fish. Weed lines drift and shift over time, so they can be hard to locate. Use this feature to help find where weed lines have been sighted recently, or are most likely to be forming – to help you find game fish. Updated every 24 hours.

Sea Surface Height Anomaly

View locations where the sea surface height is noticeably different than the surrounding area using real-time radar data and models of the sea surface. View “upwelling” hot spots that create favorable conditions including nutrient-rich water that attracts bait fish and game fish. Avoid “downwelling” areas that are nutrient-poor and don’t support favorable fishing conditions. Updated every 24 hours.

Sea Surface Temperature Contours

View contour lines where there is sea surface temperature warming. These contour lines show noticeable breaks where the water temperature is changing from cool to warm – attracting bait fish. Use these contours to help locate your target species based on their preferred temperature range. Updated every 6 hours.

Sea Surface Temperature Front Strength

View estimated strength of ocean “fronts”, which are significant temperature changes that create distinct boundaries between bodies of water. Fronts concentrate nutrients which attract bait fish and also creates barriers to fish movement. The location of strong and very strong fronts are good places to find game fish. Updated every 24 hours.

30m Subsurface Sea Temperatures

View the water temperature 30 meters below the surface. Different species of fish prefer specific ranges of temperatures. This feature allows you to identify areas with the preferred temperature range of your target game fish in the area below the surface where they are likely to be hunting. Updated every 24 hours.

Plankton Concentration Contours

View contour lines which show distribution of plankton concentrations in water. Plankton is the primary food source for most bait fish, which attract hungry game fish. Updated every 24 hours.

Plankton Front Strength

Locate where there are the areas of greatest plankton concentrations adjacent to areas where relatively little/no plankton. Plankton “fronts” show where murky, nutrient-rich water favorable for bait fish occurs next to clear, predator-preferred water (providing better visibility for hunting). Strong plankton fronts indicate areas for game fish feeding activity. Updated every 24 hours.