NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard Auxiliary is scheduled to hold a Radio Communications Day for the public at Coast Guard Station New Orleans Saturday.

A mobile communications trailer will be brought from Auxiliary Flotilla 4-10 in Baton Rouge, and members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be operating the radios to make contact with other stations in different locations across the country.

Amateur radio operators are invited to participate either on the radio bands or by stopping by the parking lot in front of Station New Orleans where the communications trailer will be parked.

There are about 50 stations registered to participate. The radio station at Station New Orleans will operate with the special event call sign N5O on amateur radio bands. The most preferred is the 20 meter band, phone mode. Amateur stations will be in the 14.2MHz to 14.3MHz, Upper Side Band (USB).

There will be a performance qualifications standard offered to Auxiliarists interested in operating the communications trailer. The general public is also invited to participate and learn about emergency communications.