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Summer Smallies Make Me Smile

The warm months of summer are the perfect time to start, or continue, a long-term love affair with smallmouth bass. Few finned adversaries are...

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Bedding Panfish As Easy As 1-2-3

One of the annual rituals enjoyed by anglers across the country is the movement of panfish, especially bluegills and crappies, into the shallows to...

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Key Jigging Techniques For Early Season Walleyes

There is no lure or presentation more synonymous with walleye fishing than the jig. In fact, I’d argue that jigging is responsible for more...

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Crack The Code To Choose The Right Rod

Spring is just around the corner. Cardinals and robins are returning to backyard bird feeders, boats are being pulled out of storage, and across...

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It’s time for spring walleyes! Gear Up For Success

Across their natural and stocked range, walleyes are gearing up for their annual spawning run: a time when anglers flock to rivers across the...

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