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Georgia Anlers Break 2011 SKA King Mackerel Record

Contentment Bluff, GA The Southern Kingfish Association kicked off their Division 6 with the Contentment Bluff Kingfish 1000 Blowout.  

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Learn Why Pro Fisherman Bill McDonald Uses Lithium Pro Batteries

Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion technology outperforms standard lead-acid batteries MORE POWER Lithium Pros’ batteries use lithium, which is lighter than lead-acid and packs more power. Our batteries...

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Pro Angler Bill McDonald Discuss The Advantages Of Lucas Oil Marine Fuel Treatment

Lucas Marine Fuel Treatment is designed specifically to address the issues watercraft owners experience with their engines and fuel systems. Lucas Marine Fuel Treatment...

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Three Key Items For Kayak Fishing

  Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs Shares 3 Pieces of Gear He Needs While Kayak Fishing  Pro Kayak Angler John Deshauteurs discusses what he uses when...

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The North Carolina Governors Cup –

So what is the “North Carolina Governors Cup”? If you Billfish in North Carolina you are familiar with “G&R” Entertainment and the dynamic duo of...

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