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May 23, 2024
Raymarine: Keeping Boaters And Anglers Engaged And Informed
Featured Partners Raymarine Technology & Equipment

Raymarine: Keeping Boaters And Anglers Engaged And Informed

Times have changed for almost everyone on the globe; people suddenly have more time on their hands, including millions of passionate boaters. For those fortunate to have access to their boats and local waterways, boating in accordance with social-distancing practices remains a welcomed and socially-responsible respite from sheltering in place. And for the millions of others unable to access or launch their boats due to regulations designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, thoughts of boating in the coming weeks and months provide a much-needed source of hope, excitement and inspiration.

Like much of the rest of the world, many of Raymarine’s knowledgeable experts are also working from home these days. They’ve conceived the interactive Raymarine Webinar Series as a new way to connect with Raymarine customers and boating enthusiasts around the world, while providing valuable tips, help, advice and answers regarding marine electronics.

Held live online each week, the Raymarine Webinar Series is hosted by Raymarine experts, pro ambassadors, and industry professionals who educate, inform, and provide valuable insights into navigation, boating, fishing and marine electronics. Each informative and entertaining webinar covers a distinct topic.

Past webinars are archived and available for viewing on Raymarine’s website and YouTube channel. Recent webinars include Fishing Tech for Modern Anglers; Plan, Catch, Share and Sync with Fishidy; Get Ready for Spring Boating; and Meet the FLIR M300-Series Cameras.

Whether your boating season is already underway or you’re anxiously awaiting the time when you can get out on the water, the Raymarine Webinar Series exists to provide you with helpful information and answers to your marine electronics questions in a fun and interactive way.

Want to see what’s coming up or join the fun on next live webinar? Simply visit and like the Raymarine Facebook page, which provides information on upcoming Raymarine Webinar Series topics, as well as simple instructions for joining.