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June 13, 2024
Seaguar – Saltwater’s One-Two Punch
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Seaguar – Saltwater’s One-Two Punch

World-Class Lines for Inshore Success  

Seaguar offers the ultimate line combination with Smackdown and Fluoro Premier

New York, NY (January 3, 2018) – The saltmarshes and mangroves; the jetties and bridges: These are the arenas where oversized saltwater fish are pursued and battled at short range with light tackle.

Bruisers of the brine, like bull reds, bawdy jacks, slashing snook and teeming trout will leverage their strength and their drive to survive in a quest to identify weaknesses in our technique or equipment, with the goal of slipping away from their would-be captors.

The master linesmiths at Seaguar — the originators of fluorocarbon fishing line — have worked tirelessly to ensure that inshore adventures culminate with hero shots rather than heartbreak by providing world-class main lines and leader materials for the saltwater angler.

Progressive inshore anglers spool up with a braided line, and Seaguar sets the bar for main line performance with Smackdown. This ultra-thin, eight-carrier braid loads beautifully onto both spinning and casting reels, making Smackdown the perfect foundation for any light-tackle saltwater application.

The tight weave of Smackdown’s component fibers makes it the thinnest braided line in its class, with 30-pound-test Smackdown having the same diameter as typical 8-pound monofilaments.

Why is a microscopic diameter important to saltwater casters? It means more Smackdown will fit on your spool to deliver long casts, and, to withstand even longer drag-peeling runs. Smackdown’s round profile and clear outer coating ensures that it passes through rod guides effortlessly, bolstering your casting distance to reach tailing reds and spooky snook.

Integrate a fluorocarbon leader into your saltwater setup and watch your catch rates soar. Seaguar’s Fluoro Premier brings all of fluorocarbon’s advantages together to create the best saltwater leader material on the market.

Seaguar Fluoro Premier

Produced through Seaguar’s exclusive double-structure process, Fluoro Premier features an intimate blend of two different 100% fluorocarbon resins, with a strong core encased within a soft, supple sheath to produce a unique line that is tough enough for the brine while remaining easy to cast and a breeze to manage.

Because the refractive index of Seaguar Fluoro Premier nearly matches that of water, this 100% fluorocarbon is nearly invisible to fish; which is of critical importance in fantastically clear inshore waters. Set the hook with confidence, as the soft outer sheath of this double-structure fluorocarbon line results in dramatic enhancements in knot strength over traditional fluorocarbons and monofilaments.

Like all Seaguar fluorocarbons, Fluoro Premier is impervious to sunlight and highly resistant to abrasion, so it will stand up to the rigors of marsh grass, mussels, rock, and the sharp gill plates of salty targets. Fluoro Premier is, quite simply, the best leader material you can choose for inshore angling.

A key detail in the Smackdown-Fluoro Premier tandem approach is the knot used to join these two world-class lines. Anglers need a knot that is compact, so that it passes cleanly though rod guides, as well as robust so that it won’t unravel after a long day of cast-catch-repeat cycles.

Moreover, the knot linking Smackdown to Fluoro Premier must harness the tensile and shock strengths of each line, providing a union that will withstand the rigors of powerful hooksets and sustained drag-peeling runs.

There’s no such thing as “good enough” when assembling the gear needed to pursue inshore giants; second-rate rods, reels, baits, and line need not apply. World-class Smackdown braid linked to a Fluoro Premier leader will help you hang more inshore memories on your virtual trophy wall this season. Leave the guesswork behind and rely on Seaguar: Always the Best!