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May 28, 2024
2014 Year In Review – Where have we been and where are we going – Thank You

2014 Year In Review – Where have we been and where are we going – Thank You

Over the holiday, I had time to reflect on the past few years at PointClickFish. Since Price and I started this network over three years ago, we have much to be thankful for. First of all, we thank our families for putting up with us as we have built the network!

We have streamed and covered 40 saltwater fishing tournaments from Virginia to Mississippi that have allowed our team to establish relationships and to work with some of the best tournament directors around. Our moto of “More than a Stream” has allowed us to work with each event by using our technical and industry marketing background to help maximize and capture each event.

What it comes down to is we are avid anglers with a passion for connecting the fishing community through technology. We enjoy meeting thousands of fellow anglers at the numerous events we attend and strive to be a resource to the community that builds relationships and produces results.

In addition to our tournament streaming, we have launched 2 custom tournament websites, 12 tournament streaming portals, and 10 custom charter fishing websites. We started a Redfish Tournament series, hosted over 100 radio shows/Podcasts, and conducted numerous interviews with some of the best companies, anglers, captains, and teams across the country. We are proud to have teamed up with celebrities and events to raise money for breast cancer awareness, kids’ fishing, and seminars that helped raise money for fishing education and outreach.

This has all been possible through hard work and determination by our talented team. Since we are a family-run company, it was important for us to put together the right mix of people. I have to say that was easier said than done, but we have an amazing group of core individuals who make up the PCF Network. With that said, we want to introduce you to those who make this possible.

A few images of our crew in action! Jay, Price, Scott, Rob, Gibson, John, Wayne, Ginger, Matt, Jacob,Chris, Ted

Our team helps stream, capture, write, and maintain the following:

Network Websites

Social Media Facebook Page
North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Facebook Page
North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Fan Page
King Mackerel Fishing Facebook Fan Page
Carolina Redfish Series Facebook Fan Page
Virginia Saltwater Fishing Fan Page
PointClickFish Instagram
@PointClickFish Twitter
PointClickFishTV YouTube
PointClickFish Vimeo

Pro Staff
We like to work with captains, teams, and anglers as part of our Pro Staff. Our goal for 2015 is to grow the program and work with teams across the country to feature videos, articles, websites, and updates from saltwater fishing teams.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with two great teams that have been a big asset to our network. They are The Redfish Guys and the Liquid Fire Fishing Team. It has been a pleasure to fish, film, and feature these teams over the years, and we have enjoyed forming friendships in the process.

The Redfish Guys - Dwayne and Lee
The Redfish Guys – Dwayne Smith and Lee Padrick
Liquid Fire Fishing Team
Liquid Fire Fishing Team – Crockett, Joshua, Audrey, Mark and Chris

Sponsor/Partner Highlight
Without sponsors, our network would not be possible. The support of sponsors over the years has allowed us to travel to attend media events/shows, give away some amazing products, and share their brands with the fishing community. Two great examples of this are Rigid Industries LED Lighting and Crystal Coast Graphics.

Hands-down, Rigid Industries makes the best LED lighting around. Boats, cars, trucks, ATV’s…. you name it, they light it up! Their lights are made, designed, and engineered in Arizona (USA) and hold up in harsh environments. They are a company with a vision and the determination to be the best in their field. We feel it’s important to let you know how supportive they are to our Network. When it was time to light up the PCF trailer… there was light. We needed products for giveaways, charity events, and seminars… done. Sponsor for the Carolina Redfish Series…. they stepped up there, too. Whatever it takes, they are ready, willing, and able!

Another example is the Team at Crystal Coast Graphics. When we were starting out, Chris Ulmer got onboard and never looked back. Most of you have seen our awesome stickers. They are dye cut, have a UV coating and made of material for boats/cars/trucks/coolers that last years. The PCF Live Production trailer, banners, backdrop, displays, or custom flags at our events, they made those, too. If you envision it, they can make it, wrap it, or display it! CCG stands behind their work, provides great customer service, and uses superior quality products. From the PCF Network to the Carolina Redfish Series, the Crystal Coast Graphics team steps up to make things better and better. If you are in need of wraps, banners, stickers, dye sub shirts, and more, you should contact CCG.

Crystal Coast Graphics
Crystal Coast Graphics
Rigid Industries LED Lighting
Rigid Industries LED Lighting

It is our goal to have excellent give-and-take relationships with all of our partners.

The Future
We hope that you will continue to join, share, and follow us as we grow, build, and stream a reliable and trust- worthy network dedicated to fishing. We want to make a difference to, and be an asset in, the fishing community. Be on the lookout for new and exciting technology, radio shows, and live interviews from some of the best fishing events, shows, and seminars across the country.

Looking forward to 2015!