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July 18, 2024
2022 World Cup Blue Marlin World Cup Participants
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2022 World Cup Blue Marlin World Cup Participants

2022 Blue Marlin World Cup

2022 World Cup Blue Marlin World Cup Participants

There are 157 Boats fishing the Blue Marlin World Cup this year.

There are boats in Madeira, Portugal, Angola and Canary Islands.

46 Boats in Kona, 41 in Bermuda, 18 Cape Verde, 17 in the Gulf of Mexico and 15 in Madeira.

Location Boat Name
Gulf of Mexico You Never Know
Hawaii – Kona Ambush
Cape Verde SMOKER
Canary Islands The Rodfather Teneriffa
Other – maderia portugal MARGARITA
Portugal Xareau
Hawaii – Kona Maverick
Portugal Kathryn B
Cape Verde Mystic Blue
Portugal Boca Raton
Cape Verde Andromeda
Hawaii – Kona Topshape
Portugal – Madeira Sorted
Hawaii – Kona Sea Strike
Cape Verde LaondaEmma
Other – Puerto Rico Gin Pole Ade
Other – Kandua
Hawaii – Kona Nothern Lights
Cape Verde Hemingway
Other – Madeira Blue Makaira
Hawaii – Kona Huntress
Hawaii – Kona Kona Dream
Other – Lobito Angola Blue Sniffer
Cape Verde SAMBO
Portugal Cabo Sao Joao
Bermuda Margin Call
Portugal – Madeira Lara Jade
Cape Verde Sea Quest
Other – Madeira Gavito
Bermuda Fragrant harbor
Hawaii – Kona sundowner
Hawaii – Kona Lightspeed 
Cape Verde La Onda Mila
Other – Veracruz Mexico THUNDER
Bermuda Sea Toy
Bermuda Reel Lax
Bermuda Scally Wag
Portugal Flipper II
Bermuda Builder’s Choice
Bermuda Challenger 
Cape Verde Bebiche
Bermuda Game Changer 
Hawaii – Kona Biteme3
Cape Verde My Victoria
Hawaii – Kona Kona Cowboy
Other – Madeira Paradisio
Bahamas – San Salvador Blue Heaven
Bermuda Never Know
Bermuda Sea Ninja 
Hawaii – Kona Sea Genie II
Bahamas – Long Island Marlin Darlin 
Hawaii – Kona EZ PICKENS
Hawaii – Kona Tropical Sun 
Bermuda Paradise One
Bermuda Tenacious
Portugal Grander
Bermuda Pound for Pound
Hawaii – Kona Konadice
Bermuda Triple Play
Bermuda First Look 
Bermuda Reel Action
Gulf of Mexico Amigo
Bermuda Overproof
Gulf of Mexico Southern Charm
Bermuda Just A Dog
Bermuda Double B
Bahamas – Abacos Lady Rebecca
Bermuda Joker
Cape Verde Amelia
Hawaii – Kona 2nd Offense
Bermuda Reel Addiction
Hawaii – Kona Nasty Habit
Cape Verde Blue Hunter
Hawaii – Kona Apex
Hawaii – Kona sapo
Gulf of Mexico dreamin on
Hawaii – Kona Lapika
Hawaii – Kona Marlin Magic
Spain Reel Deal 
Hawaii – Kona Last chance
Portugal – Madeira Pesca Grossa
Hawaii – Kona Muana Kea
Hawaii – Kona Terminator
Hawaii – Kona Kraken
Hawaii – Kona Wild Hooker
Hawaii – Kona Strong Persuader
Hawaii – Kona Five Star
Cape Verde SHOE
Portugal Luna 
Bermuda Reel tight
Hawaii – Kona Trouble Maker
Hawaii – Kona FIREHATT
Hawaii – Kona Medusa
Bermuda Viking 80
Other – Cook islands Ultimate lady
Hawaii – Kona Kila Kila
Bermuda Elcazador 
Bermuda Fish tank on Rainmaker 
Hawaii – Kona Pair O’ Dice
Hawaii – Kona Bite Me 6
Cape Verde Hooker
Portugal – Madeira Balancal
Hawaii – Kona BENCHMARK
Cape Verde Wave Paver
Hawaii – Kona Mauna Loa
Hawaii – Kona Bwana
Hawaii – Kona Pursuit
Bermuda Mama who
Bermuda Krazy Salts
Cape Verde Deceiver
Cape Verde Arleth I
Gulf of Mexico QuickTime 
Bermuda No Vacancy
Hawaii – Kona SNAFU
Gulf of Mexico Patriot 
Gulf of Mexico Pressure’s On
Gulf of Mexico Done Deal
Other – Cape May; New Jersey Pari Passu
Bermuda Plane Simple
Cape Verde Dacia
Hawaii – Kona Sweet Sadie 
Hawaii – Kona Beast Mode
Hawaii – Kona Hooked Up
Portugal Lightspeed
Bermuda Treasure Isle
Hawaii – Kona Piper
Gulf of Mexico Grocery Isle 
Bermuda FLYER
Gulf of Mexico Grander54 
Bermuda UnWined 
Bermuda Auspicious 
Gulf of Mexico Reel fire
Gulf of Mexico A Work of Art
Gulf of Mexico Pearl
Cape Verde Happy Hooker 11
Bermuda Gladys Fox
Hawaii – Kona Legend
Gulf of Mexico get reel
Hawaii – Kona Sea Baby III 
Bermuda C-Student
Other – Hawaii – Oahu Wild Bunch
Bermuda Sea Striker
Hawaii – Kona Xtreme Dream 
Bermuda Blue Bill
Bahamas – San Salvador Southpaw 
Gulf of Mexico LaBelle
Other – Morehead City WASTEKNOT 
Portugal Blue Rampage
Bermuda Reel Quick
Bahamas – Abacos Tenacious
Other – Ocean City; MD Sandbob
Gulf of Mexico C-Ya
Gulf of Mexico Metal Masher