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July 18, 2024
Coastal Communities In North Carolina Discourage Visitors Due To COVID-19
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Coastal Communities In North Carolina Discourage Visitors Due To COVID-19


Anyone coming from outside of Carteret County into Atlantic Beach for overnight stays will have to self-quarantine for 14 days starting at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Trace Cooper, mayor for the Bogue Banks town, said during an announcement via Facebook Live Thursday afternoon. Exceptions are those performing essential services.

“Self-quarantine means you do not leave your home,” Cooper said, noting that property owners in town, including second homeowners, and those who work in an essential business can come, but all others must stay away. Cooper said that the emergency order is to discourage second homeowners from going back and forth between Atlantic Beach and larger cities.

“If you have a home here, and decide to stay at home and shelter in place here in Atlantic Beach, you’re welcome to do that, we just don’t want you to go back and forth between Atlantic Beach and Raleigh or Charlotte or Greenville. So you’re here, stay here. If you’re home stay at home,” he said.

The message from Atlantic Beach is similar to that from other coastal towns and counties as the holiday weekend approaches.

“We’re all in this together, even though we have to be far apart,” said Stephanie Cannon, health director for Carteret County, in a video the county released Thursday asking visitors to stay home. Carteret County had a total of 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one is deceased as of Thursday afternoon.

The police department for Beaufort in Carteret County began Thursday operating an entry checkpoint on Turner Street near U.S. 70. County full-time residents, those sheltering in place in Beaufort as of March 31, those providing essential business and government services or outdoor service and providing necessary care for a Beaufort resident will be allowed entry.

Another Carteret County town, Cape Carteret starting Friday will have a curfew from 9 .m. to 5 a.m. daily. Also in place are essential retail business occupancy limitations and travel restrictions within town limits except on state-maintained roads and limitations on short-term rentals.

Brunswick County is urging residents not to travel or encourage others to travel to and from the county during the weekend or the rest of the month. The county is reporting as of Wednesday 29 positive cases of COVID-19 and one is a death associated to COVID-19.

New Hanover County residents remain under countywide restrictions.

“I know this weekend and coming days are typically a time for family get-togethers for Easter and Passover celebrations,” said New Hanover County Board of Commissioners Chair Julia Olson-Boseman in a statement. “But we are at a critical time in our fight against COVID-19 and it is so important that you stay at home. We know this virus is here in our community and our region, so traveling anywhere except for those essential reasons would put you and those around you at greater risk.”

North Topsail Beach officials reiterated Thursday that all residents and property owners this weekend are to “stay at your primary place of residence until further guidance is provided and our state leaders deem it safe to travel.”

Sunset Beach amended Thursday its state of emergency to limit movement within the town to residents, property owners and employees of essential businesses. Nonresident property owners can travel if absolutely necessary.

Holden Beach commissioners amended Wednesday the emergency order closing the beach strand in an effort to detract tourists and second-home owners from visiting unnecessarily this weekend, Port City Daily reported.

All nonresident property owners wishing to enter mainland Hyde County now need to be issued a temporary entry pass. Nonresident property owners and immediate family only will be issued entry passes. The Ocracoke Island reentry pass system is active and can be accessed at