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May 18, 2024
Decked Truck Storage – Reclaim Your Truck Bed – PCF Truck Build
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Decked Truck Storage – Reclaim Your Truck Bed – PCF Truck Build

On the road storage is an issue! While fishing or covering an event we always need to store and secure or gear. We set out to find the perfect solution while still being able to use our truck bed.

Well anglers we found the perfect solution! The system is called “Decked”. Decked is a two drawer truck bed storage system which raises the surface of your truck bed. By doing this it creates extra storage space underneath the deck for things like your tackle, Pelican cases, tripods, tools etc.

The system is made of high-density recycled plastic with steel inserts for added strength. It bolts together in just over two hours and provides two drawers that can hold 200 pounds each. For this piece of the build we used, Truckers Toy Store, a local dealer and installer in Morehead City, NC.pointclickfish-decekd-systemm

The Decked system weighs about 200 pounds and offers several mounting rack options.  It attaches to the factory tiedowns and comes with four smaller built-in storage “ammo cans” in each corner (great to hold straps and even cooler that can hold ice in a pinch).

Pricing starts at around $1,000, but you can add options like drain plugs, locks, dividers and various types of tiedown racks. If you own a truck we seriously suggest you take a look at this storage solution. We will have to say the team is willing to listen to the community. They are always looking for ways to make the product better.

For more information or to find a dealer near you, go to
Find a DECKED dealer new you

Deceked Truck Bed Storage Solution

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