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April 13, 2024
Do vehicle and boat wraps work?
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Do vehicle and boat wraps work?

Do Boat Car Wraps Work

Do vehicle and boat wraps work?

It is a competitive environment, and it isn’t easy to create brand awareness by using simple, traditional advertising. You have to think outside the box to be seen in today’s marketplace. If you want your brand to be recognized, you have to stay in front of the public daily. The decision to wrap your vehicle or boat is a big investment, but does it pay off?

Over the years, we have worked closely with Crystal Coast Graphics in Jacksonville, NC to design, create, and implement displays, banners, and vinyl wraps. Soon after starting to work in the fishing media industry, we realized the need to be seen. Our team did a fantastic job of delivering digital content to followers by utilizing our website, event portals, and social media platforms, but we realized quickly that we needed a “local footprint” at events.

That’s where Chris and the team at Crystal Coast Graphics (CCG) came in. CCG started in 2009 after owner, Chris Ulmer, was not happy with what he saw in the industry. He saw a need to deliver, and became eastern North Carolina’s premier graphics and wrap company.  CCG was able to help our team create the “local footprint” that has quickly become a nationwide and even global footprint over the years. After getting to know the Crystal Coast Graphics team, we realized that we wanted to team up and work with their team to showcase their amazing work. From business cards, rack cards, banners, vinyl stickers, custom fishing jerseys to custom trailer wraps, and now the wrap on our Ultimate Fishing Truck, CCG made this happen.

The reason I am telling you this in an article about “Do wraps work?” is to assist in the success of your wrap project. Are all wraps created equal? No! Do all wrap companies have the ability to design and deliver what you want? No! Can they capture the look and deliver the message you are looking for? A wrap does you no good if the audience can’t read your message. Do all companies stand behind their work? Do all wrap companies use high quality vinyl that will last years? The answer to the last question is a BIG NO. Just keep in mind ….. When dealing with vinyl, you get what you pay for, and make sure when you get a written quote that it includes the type of material to be used on your project.

 We take you inside the world of wraps and discuss how they can enhance our business.These will determine the success of your wrap project. There are great wrap companies all over the country, and we have seen some of the amazing work they produce. But, Crystal Coast Graphics was able to answer questions for us and quickly became our choice of partner for wraps. They share the same vision, provide exceptional customer service, and produce the quality we were looking for in a company. We encourage you to take the time and get to know the wrap company you are working with for your next project. Find a research partner to help design and deliver a wrap for your boat or vehicle that will be the right fit for your brand.

Do wraps work? Are they worth the investment? These are probably the most common questions we get in reference to wraps. Just by having our trailer wrapped, we would say “Yes, wraps work”. Since having our Ultimate Fishing Truck wrapped, the answer has been without a doubt “YES, IT WOKRS!” Our team is a firm believer that wraps do work, but we decided to do some research and see what the numbers say.

Below are marketing research comparisons done by the Outdoor Adverting Association of America (OAAA) and other leading industry experts.

  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.
  • Mobile advertising is the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising.
  • Mobile marking reaches nearly 85% of people in all income levels
  • Every traffic jam becomes a marketing opportunity.
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they base buying decisions on ads they see
  • The average vehicle that is driven 15,000 miles a year 9 will pass in front of nine million vehicles
  • The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days.
  • Americans spend more time in cars today than ever before!

Similar results apply with boat wraps, but most of the statistical data is focused on vehicles.  Car wraps and boat wraps offer a low cost-per-impression rate when looking at the numbers.  The average lifespan of a vehicle wrap is up to 5 years. The average cost of a wrap is $3,000 (this varies with full wrap/partial wrap). Best we could find, the average Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) for a vehicle wrap is around $.77 per CPM. The cost of advertising over the life of the vehicle wrap is a small amount if you are interested in reaching hundreds of thousands viewers over the short term.

From companies looking for an edge, to Captains and Fishing Teams looking to make a statement on the water or on the road, a wrap is a great investment.