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April 13, 2024
Lightening Strikes TWO Megadock Tournament Boats
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Lightening Strikes TWO Megadock Tournament Boats

Charleston, SC –

MegaDock Billfishing Tournament reports that two boats in the fleet were struck by lightening today. Both the Miss Wy Sportfishing and the Blue Sky were struck today. Happily, everyone onboard both boats are reported to be ok.

A huge thank you to Captain Mike King from Sea Hound Fishing Charters who interrupted their charter to render assistance. Capt Mike took the Miss Wy in tow to safely return her to Georgetown Landing. Meanwhile aboard the Blue Sky, work began to restore power. Once the Blue Sky was up and running they were able to take over the tow of the Miss Wy and both boats are returning to port

Although an unfortunate event, this is the kind of comradery and support for fellow mariners that makes this sport and community so special.

Photo: Miss Wy Facebook Page.

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