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April 20, 2024
Thank you veterans

Thank you veterans

As I sit here with my kids on Veterans Day, I am thankful for a lot.  I am thankful to be able to spend time with them. You see, that has not always been the case. Being a military veteran comes with great sacrifice. As a military veteran myself, I am able to reflect on what it means.

It is awesome to see all the texts, emails, and posts on social media from across the country thanking and remembering our veterans. Trust me, they deserve it!

The life changing decision to join the military comes with a lot that is never heard nor seen.  The commitment is mentally and physically life altering. Joining an elite group of military veterans is an honor. As I write this BLOG, there are solders, airmen, sailors, marines, and coasties standing the watch. They are in harm’s way defending our freedom.

Being a veteran means having the willingness to leave behind what’s familiar and doing what needs to be done. It’s hard to understand being tough yet scared and not sure when and if you will get home. It means you spend Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays away from your loved ones. It means extreme sacrifice by yourself and your family. It means you will create bonds and relationships that will last a lifetime. It means you were willing to put your life on the line for freedom.

To my fellow veterans, I thank you for your service and sacrifice. What you do allows us to be free!

My message to you is to make sure you take the time to thank a veteran, not just on Veterans Day but every day! Trust me, they deserve it!

Captain Jay


PCF Veterans Day Message

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