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June 16, 2024
What’s the difference between vehicle wraps and decals?
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What’s the difference between vehicle wraps and decals?

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We asked partner Crystal Coast Graphics to answer this question.

What’s the difference between a wrap and a decal?

Well, quite a bit. Let’s look at the main differences between wraps and decals!


A wrap is a large graphic that covers a vehicle and changes its appearance. It’s a quick, easy process with Crystal Coast Graphics, and most agree that it’s one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. It makes your vehicle look great, too. Here are some great examples.


Decals are similar to wraps, but instead of covering your entire vehicle, they’re made to be placed on specific areas, like a door or a hood. They’re much smaller and come with custom sizing options. They’re also extremely cost-effective for promoting your brand as you ride around town.

We like to think about it like this:

When you get a full wrap, you’re turning your entire vehicle into an eye-catching and extremely identifiable piece of art that grabs attention and delivers an identity for your brand.

With decals, you aren’t transforming the entire vehicle, but you’re adding a small touch to it that makes it stand apart from ordinary cars and trucks on the road and promote your organization at the same time.

If you aren’t sure which option is best for your situation, reach out and someone will help you create a customized solution for your organization.

Cost Comparison

As you could’ve guessed, wraps are generally more expensive than decals. There’s more material that goes into making them, more attention spent on detail, and they take longer to install.

At the same time, a fully-wrapped vehicle is an amazing way to promote your organization everywhere you go.

While decals don’t send the same message as a wrap, they’re noticeably cheaper, and because of that, we still consider them to be a great advertising option.

If you have specific questions about pricing for wraps and decals, get answers here.

A Professional Look

Getting a vehicle wrap is one of the most stylish and professional ways to promote your organization. Not only are you showing your brand everywhere you go, but you’re telling potential customers that you take your work seriously and believe in it.

Crystal Coast Graphics can help you reach your goals or answer any questions you may have about wraps and decals.

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