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July 23, 2024
Discover More, Faster with Raymarine and CMOR
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Discover More, Faster with Raymarine and CMOR

Learn how to get the most out of CMOR Mapping’s remarkable high-resolution seafloor maps with Raymarine technology

The best diving and bottom-fishing spots are the ones that don’t show up on paper or digital charts and aren’t marked on commercially available fishing maps. They’re the forgotten wrecks, the isolated reefs, the ledges hidden between the contour lines — the kinds of places that take hundreds of hours on the water and countless dollars in fuel to find.


CMOR Mapping’s chartplotter-compatible bathymetry clearly reveals those spots. With resolution as high as one meter (each pixel represents a single square meter of bottom) and coverage of the entire bottom, anglers, divers and other treasure seekers can see every bump in remarkable detail. And just as important, they’ll see the areas of featureless underwater desert – areas where they don’t need to spend time looking – just as clearly.


CMOR high-resolution seafloor mapping is compatible with any Raymarine chartplotter running the LightHouse operating system, but the CMOR advantage is compounded when combined with the raw processing power and exceptional clarity of Raymarine’s family of Axiom® multifunction displays, which feature bright, high-definition screens and are driven by blazing-fast quad core processors. “We’re pleased to offer compatibility with nearly all Raymarine chartplotter and MFD models,” says CMOR Mapping owner, Erik Anderson, “but Axiom’s technology definitely elevates the user experience. Our highly detailed charts are data intensive, and Axiom’s high-performance chart-rendering engine and high-resolution display combine to showcase the benefits of our products beautifully.”

Raymarine Americas Marketing Manager, Jim McGowan, recently invited CMOR Mapping’s Nick Gaffney onto the popular, weekly Raymarine Live streaming event for an in-depth discussion of their amazingly detailed 3D maps for fishing and diving. This informative session covers the latest CMOR technologies and products, while detailing advanced CMOR performance and functionality on Raymarine Axiom displays.

CMOR Mapping utilizes your precise GPS location, unlocking the ability to view your vessel icon over the data, guaranteeing accuracy within centimeters of the bottom features on the chart. All other vector data — tides, nav aids, routes, waypoints, etc. —remains available on your plotter and can be viewed as an overlay if desired. Put simply, a CMOR card adds another layer of extremely valuable data to what you already see on your Raymarine chartplotter.

Installation of CMOR Mapping takes under 20 seconds on Axiom. Simply insert the Micro SD card (SD adapter included), select Chart from the LightHouse home screen, then Menu, Settings, and select the CMOR Mapping Chart option from the cartography tab. Zoom in on the desired coverage area to begin viewing CMOR’s incredibly detailed bathymetry data.

CMOR provides great and expanding coverage throughout popular areas of the Gulf of Mexico, US East Coast, and Southern California. Current cards include South Florida V4; West Florida; East Gulf of Mexico V3; North Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina V2; Southwest Florida; Southern California; Mid-Atlantic; Georgetown-Cape Lookout; New York-New Jersey; Long/Block Island Sound/Martha’s Vineyard; West Gulf of Mexico; and Gulf of Maine. Retail price is $700 per card, and $100 updates are available.


CMOR also offers incredibly popular CMOR Map Paks, which include a 7” or 9” Raymarine Axiom chartplotter, SeaSucker suction mount, Marinco marine 12v plug with built-in fuse, a 110v to 12v power adapter, and a custom-fit waterproof hard case. CMOR Raymarine Map Paks make it possible to take the combined power of CMOR and Raymarine anywhere you go, affording setup or removal from your boat – or any boat – in under a minute. Retail prices are $800 and $1,200, respectively.

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