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May 24, 2024
Raymarine Tips & Tricks: Upgrade Your Element Sonar – GPS
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Raymarine Tips & Tricks: Upgrade Your Element Sonar – GPS

Raymarine Element - Upgrade Your Unit

Raymarine Element users are already ahead of the competition. Element delivers the sharpest view of the underwater world with seven sonar channels from a single transducer, including HyperVision™ 1.2 megahertz super high-resolution sonar technology. Element also features an onboard quad-core processor for instantaneous chart redraw, fast response, and smooth RealVision 3D imaging, while its intuitive and easy-to-use LightHouse Sport operating system lets anglers focus on the fish, not the instruction manual.


Raymarine issues regular updates to the LightHouse Sport operating system, each of which offer new features and increased functionality. Don’t miss out; upgrading your Element’s software is free and easy.