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June 21, 2024
SiriusXM Marine Weather
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SiriusXM Marine Weather

SiriusXM Marine Weather

Delivering up-to-the-minute forecasts, radar, alerts and more.

Boaters in the USA can subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Weather and enjoy detailed weather forecasts, NOWRad weather radar, and much more, all delivered instantly to your Multi Function Dispaly (MFD). Weather data can be displays in its own dedicated app alongside your navigation date, or you can choose to overlay NOWRad Doppler weather radar on your live chartplotter display.

View up to the minute animate weather radar, forecasts, storm warnings and more.  Overlay NOWRad weather radar directly on the chartplotter display.

NOWRad Doppler Weather Radar

SiriusXM’s NOWRad Dopper Weather Radar gives you live, up-to-the minute views of severe weather right on your multifunction display. Thunderstorms, rain squalls and more are rendered in full-color with embedded information to show you the cell’s direction and speed of movement, and intensity.

Weather radar can be shown in a seperate window alongside features like chartplotter, fishfinder and navigational radar, or you can overlay the weather radar on your navigation chart which shows you exactly how the weather is going to impact your route.

Weather radar can be configured to show you the latest snapshot, or you can animate previous history to help visualize the direction of movement. You can also add additional layers to the display to show cell speed and direction, lightning strikes, and thunderstorm echo-top altitude.

Boaters in the Great Lakes, Northeast and Northwest will also appreciate access to doppler weather radar from Canada too.

Satellite Sea Surface Temperature (SST)

Fishermen in-the-know never go offshore without first checking the weather conditions, including ocean temperatures. The Sirius Marine Weather SST layer clearly shows your the ocean surface temparature and helps you to readily identify temperature breaks, pockets, and upwelling.

This allows you to find the fish faster, and burn less fuel by bypassing unproductive areas where fish are unlikely to be.

The SST layer is fully color-coded for easy visualization of ocean conditions. The chart is also queryable using the cursor or touchscreen. Simply touch anywhere on the chart to see the exact water temperature, wave height, wind speed and direction, and more.

Animated Surface Pressure, Wind Speed and Direction, and Wave Height

The Sirius Marine Weather system delivers the latest surface pressure charts right to your boat, automatically. Centers of high and low pressure, fronts, and key isobars are displayed with easy-to-read graphics. Charts can be configured to show the latest data, or to animate historical data along with predictions for the future.

Wind barbs or scaled vectors can also be displayed as a layer on the chart. Like the surface pressure layer you can animate the wind chart to see changes over time and anticipate future conditions.

Storm Tracking for Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and Typhoons

The Sirius Marine Weather Storm Tracker displays the most up-to-the minute data on the position of hurricanes, tropical storms and typhoons.

The storms historical track is plotted along with its current position and the projected cone of uncertainty.

With Storm Track its easy to see the approach of bad weather from thousands of mile away and make adjustments to route around it, or seek a safe harbor.

Watchbox Alerts: Your Weather Guardian

Thanks to the convergence of Sirius Marine Weather data with the live postion feed from your Raymarine chartplotter, you’ll never be surprised by severe weather again. The system continuously monitors for severe weather alerts for your location, and notifies you immediately with both audio and on-screen alerts when bad weather is approaching.

Tornadoes, water-spouts, hurricanes, thunderstorms and more are all cause for watchbox alerts. Should an alert be sounded in your area you will know immediately, and will have instant access to the full advisory from the National Weather Service or National Hurricane Center.

Nearshore, Offshore and City Forecasts

Sirius Marine Weather delivers detailed weather forecasts for the continental United States and surrounding waters. With a few simple touches you can see the weather forecast for your exact postion, or anywhere else in the Sirius coverage area.

In addition to local forecasts you can also access localized marine warnings, local and national watchbox warnings and the latest tropical statements from the National Hurricane Center.

Surface Observation Stations and Offshore Buoy Reports

Sirius Marine Weather brings you the latest conditions from thousands of land-based and sea-based surface obversation stations, fixed structures, and floating offshore weather bouys.

Observation stations can be easily shown or hidden from view, and accessed with a simple touch of your finger or cursor. Thousands of weather observations are accessible including reports on air and sea temperature, wind speed and direction, wave height and period, visibility, atmospheric pressure, trending, and much more!


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