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July 23, 2024
Quest For The Crest 2023 Recap – Quest For The Dynasty
Billfish Featured

Quest For The Crest 2023 Recap – Quest For The Dynasty

Quest For The Quest Sailfish Series

For The Crest 2023 Recap – Quest For The Dynasty

Presenting the Sportfishing “Dynasty Crew” brought to prominence by their exceptional performance in the Quest for The Crest Sailfish Series.

A Sportfishing Dynasty Emerges on the Chase for Burgundy

In the world of sports, the term “dynasty” is reserved for teams that dominate their sport at the highest level for an extended period of time. These teams etch their names in the annals of history, leaving an unfading mark on the era. We recall the Chicago Bulls led by Jordan (1990-1998) and the Los Angeles Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, and Phil (1999-2002) in the NBA, Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees (1996-2000) in the MLB, and Brady/Belichick with the New England Patriots (2001-2004) in the NFL. But who holds that esteemed status in the realm of Sportfishing? We are about to find out. But before we introduce them, let’s set the stage.

In the art of sportfishing, numerous tournaments dot the season, offering teams various choices to compete. Some tournaments, like the Silver Sailfish Derby, boast a rich history, while others, such as the Fish For Holly Sailfish Tournament, serve noble causes. There are also many tournaments held solely for the purpose of enjoyment. Yet, there exists only one tournament that sets the bar high enough to crown the true champion of the sport—the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. Within this series, Palm Beach’s Operation Sailfish, the three-inlet format Sailfish Challenge, and Miami’s Final Sail set the stage for the Quest. What separates these tournaments from the rest is the series’ featured linear scoring system that emphasizes performance and consistency, pitting teams against each other throughout each leg to determine the ultimate champion. It is within the inception of the Quest that the concept of a dynasty team emerged, forever changing the pursuit of the sport’s true champion.

The prestige of the Quest has attracted the attention of Florida’s most celebrated team captains, including luminaries like Quinton Dieterle of Contender One, Nick Carullo of Front Runner, and John Dudas of Sandman. These captains, along with many anglers, have relentlessly pursued the coveted Burgundy Jacket. Some have achieved the feat once, a few have done it twice, and an exclusive group has managed to claim victory three times. However, only four names stand alone at the pinnacle— Husband and wife, James “JC” and Sarah Cleare of Remix, and their teammates Jorge Corzo and Doug Mientkawicz have made a strong case for the first-ever dynasty in competitive sailfishing.

Captain JC and his crew made history as the first back-to-back champions of the Quest. In 2018, they triumphed alongside Captain Greg Newall on Free Bird, and in 2019, they clinched victory once again with Captain Nick Carullo on Showtime. After a challenging year in 2020, they staged a triumphant comeback in 2021, securing another win on Showtime/Remix. Following a hiatus in 2022, they resurfaced in 2023, this time with “JC” behind the helm as captain of Remix, capturing their fourth world title.

Winning the Quest for the Crest is a challenging task, especially considering the expanded playing field spanning three legs from Palm Beach to Miami. While a tournament victory may be achieved in just two exceptional days, winning the series demands consistent performance throughout six demanding days, which is precisely what Remix showcased this year and in years past. None of this came as a surprise to Captain James “JC” Cleare, now a four-time Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series champion. Entering the Final Sail, Remix was in contention for the Burgundy Jacket after their 9th-place finish at Operation Sailfish, tallying 6 releases, and a triumphant showing at Sailfish Challenge, recording 15 releases in first place. With utmost clarity, JC guided anglers William Danko, Jorge Corzo, Ryan Alexander, Chris Dillon, Doug Mientkawicz, Rick Arnold, and Sarah Cleare back to his home waters in Miami for Final Sail where they finished in 8th place, ensuring another weekend of unwavering consistency to claim it all.

Heartfelt congratulations to Remix, the undisputed champions of the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series.

Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series

The 2023 Quest for the Crest final standings are as follows:

1st — Remix — 76
2nd — Three R’s — 62
3rd — Contender One — 57
4th — Weez in the Keys — 55
5th — MDALA — 51

Quest for the Crest Hall Of Fame

2023 — Remix — 76 Points

2022 — Contender One — 87 Points

2021 — Showtime — 82 Points

2020 — Bar South — 77 Points

2019 — Showtime — 80 Points

2018 — Free Bird — 112 Points

2017 — Sandman — 107 Points

2016 — Utopia — 89 Points

2015 — Bar South — 97 Points

2014 — Doin it All/Hardway — 92 Points

2013 — Blue Time — 74 Points

About The Quest For The Quest Sailfish Series

This iconic series hosts some of the top billfishing teams in the sport. Teams in this 3-leg series are expected to compete for an estimated purse of over $1.7 million. However, the most coveted award – The Crest – doesn’t come in the form of a cash prize. The Crest represents the pinnacle of tournament sailfishing. It is viewed as the highest accolade bestowed upon a team. Presented in jacket form, competitors must emerge as the most dominant among an elite field in order to don the burgundy jacket. Privilege is earned, not given, on this quest to crown a world champion.

About Bluewater Movements

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