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July 18, 2024
Who Is Fishing – Swansboro Bluewater Tournament
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Who Is Fishing – Swansboro Bluewater Tournament

Who Is Fishing – Swansboro Bluewater Tournament

The weather in Morehead City has changed things up quite a bit for the 2023 Swansboro Rotary Bluewater Tournament. Participants will now fish on Monday May 29th for a one day shootout. If you are in the Morehead City area come on down to Big Rock Landing and watch the weigh-ins live.

Our PointClickFish team will onsite doing live Sirius XM Marine weather and Fish Mapping demos.


Wet Hooker Wet Hooker 1 A B C E F Hatteras 60′ Morehead City, NC Curtis Venable
Stream Weaver Stream Weaver 2 A B C D E Spencer 60′ Morehead City, NC Rusty Carter
Sea Striker Sea Striker 3 A B C D E Jarrett Bay 61′ Morehead City, NC Adrian Holler
Pete Zook
Play It By Ear Play It By Ear 4 A B C D E Viking 61′ Naples, FL Michael J Bruce
Post Call Post Call 5 A B C D E Chadwick 59′ Emerald Isle, NC Bryan Bass
Big Trouble Big Trouble 6 B Precession 65′ Morrisville, NC Mike Putman
Weldor's Ark Weldor’s Ark 7 A B C D E Jarrett Bay 55′ Morehead City, NC John Roberts
Dale Britt
Marsh Madness Marsh Madness 8 A B D E F IBW 65′ Morehead City, NC Jason Hawkins
Shane Brafford
MJ's MJ’s 9 A C Spencer 61′ Jupiter, FL Michael Yocco
Carterican Carterican 10 A B C D E Gwaltney 57′ Morehead City, NC Lee Smith
Game Plan Game Plan 11 B D E F Viking 50′ Sanford, NC Deborah Jones
Lady Dianne Lady Dianne 12 B D E F Bertram 60′ Beaufort, NC Michael Caritders
Accordingly IV Accordingly IV 13 A B C D Viking 76′ Swansboro, NC Peter Dubose
Fin Planner Fin Planner 14 A B C D Buddy Harris 58′ Morehead City, NC Mark Fortier
Chris Gornell
The General The General 15 A B C D E Buddy Canady 55′ Atlantic Beach, NC Max Weaver
Triple 'S' Triple ‘S’ 16 A B C D Scarborough 72′ Morehead City, NC Todd Smith
Double B Double B 17 A B C D Scarborough 63′ Morehead City, NC Parker Henry
Wasteknot Wasteknot 18 A B C D E Jarrett Bay 67′ Morehead, NC Scott and Ven Poole
Brown Eyed Girl Brown Eyed Girl 19 A B C D Omie Tillet 61′ Atlantic Beach, NC Willie Harrelson
Labrador Labrador 20 A B C D E Capt Squid 65′ Morehead City, NC Chris Williford
Wade Fickling
Wasabi Wasabi 21 B D Buddy Harris 48′ Morehead, NC Corbett Johnson
Baby J Baby J 22 A B C D E Caison 60′ Morehead, NC Joel Killion
Maggie Maggie 23 A B C D F Hatteras 60′ Atlantic Beach, NC Randy Bryant
Re-Leased Re-Leased 24 A B C D E Jamie Chadwick 61′ Atlantic Beach, NC Joseph Segrave
First Look First Look 25 A B C D E Weaver 60′ Beaufort, NC Todd Porterfield
Blue Bill Blue Bill 26 A B C D E Briglia 61′ Wrightsville Beach, NC Robert M High
Mike King
Dancin Outlaw Dancin Outlaw 27 A B C D E F C&L 56′ Morehead City, NC Dean Priddy
Saving Grace Saving Grace 28 B F Viking 70′ Palm Beach, FL William G Blount
Hunter Blount
Diamond Girl Diamond Girl 29 A B C D Weaver 68′ Atlantic Beach, NC Clyde Bailey
Murmuration Murmuration 30 B E Purdue 56′ Morehead City, NC Bryan Starling
David Starling
Sails Pitch Sails Pitch 31 A B Luxton 58′ Hampstead, NC Brian Dressler
Magic Moment Magic Moment 32 A B C D E Jarrett Bay 55′ Four Oaks, NC Levon McLamb
Inspiration Inspiration 33 A B C Jarrett Bay 55′ Morehead City, NC Casey Wagner
Memories Memories 34 A B C E Hatteras 60′ Atlantic Beach, NC Micheal Pearce
Builder's Choice Builder’s Choice 35 A B C D Jarrett Bay 64′ New Bern, NC Carl Huddle
April Mae April Mae 36 Hatteras 65′ Morehead City, NC Joe Visser
Tom Brewer
Beagle Beagle 37 Buddy Harris 62′ Atlantic Beach, NC DJ Ellis
Savanna Leigh Savanna Leigh 38 B Viking 65′ Morehead City, NC Shawn White
Troy Pate
Blueprint Blueprint 39 B Jarrett Bay 46′ Morehead City, NC Matt Norris
Pelagic Hunter II Pelagic Hunter II 40 B D F Contender 35′ Sneads Ferry, NC John Cruise