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June 22, 2024
2018 OIFC Fall Brawl Reschduled
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2018 OIFC Fall Brawl Reschduled

2018 Fall Brawl

The Fall Brawl will be postponed to October 26-28.

Tournament Director Brant McMullan shared the following message on Facebook.

It is my firm belief that given the current state of the fishery and then the affects of 40+ knots of South wind on top of that; fishing the event on schedule would be a very negative experience for participants.  Further, the forecast of East winds 15-20kts on scheduled Fall Brawl fish days following the big blow would exacerbate the situation; offering no fair opportunity for fishermen to find fish.

The Fall Brawl’s planned reschedule date has been the Oct 26-28 weekend.  The kink that has been thrown into the equation is the rescheduling of the SKA’s Shallotte Point events onto these same dates.  I made contact with Howard Poe, the event’s director, immediately after his event postponement to let him know of the potential conflict should the Fall Brawl or Rumble in the Jungle need to be postponed.  I made contact with Howard on Monday morning to let him know the Fall Brawl’s postponement was a possibility and requested he consider moving his events back one weekend to Nov 1-4 and let the Fall Brawl have the Oct 26-28 dates.  The backstory here is that the Kingfish Cup Championship is Nov 1-4 and thus as the Fall Brawl is a qualifying event for the Kingfish Cup, it can only be held the Oct 26-28 weekend.  The good news is that the Shallotte Point events are to be fished Friday and Saturday, Oct 26-27.  IF a fisherman wanted to fish both of those events and the Fall Brawl, the Fall Brawl offers Saturday OR Sunday as fish days.  Thus Sunday, Oct 28th is not a date of conflict.

I know it is a lot, and I do not want to put fishermen  in the position of having to choose, but this is my only move. 

The Fall Brawl schedule will stay as advertised with Capt Meeting on Friday and fishing as a Captain’s Choice on Saturday or Sunday; it will just be moved back to the weekend of October 26-28th.

I thank all the fishermen for their understanding and hope you will choose to fish the Fall Brawl Oct 26-28.

See you at the Rumble weekend after this coming.  Keep our Gulf friends in your prayers.  We know all too well the adversity that lies ahead.

Capt. Brant McMullan