Cape Lookout Shootout Series Weekend Purse Exceeds $350,000

Beaufort, NC –

Due to weather delays the following will be the schedule for the Yellowfin Cape Lookout Shootout Tournament Series presented by Yamaha Outboards and Nationwide Insurance.

Tournament Weekend Updated Schedule:

Registration/Meeting – 5:30- 7:00

Captains Meeting LOCATION: Boathouse in The Marlin Room (above ship store) due to the forecasted weather.

Thursday evening we will only be registering and if needed a captains meeting around 7:00.

Friday Leg 2:
Checkout – 6:30
Check in – 5:00

Saturday Leg 3:
Checkout – 6:30
CHECK IN – 4:30

Championship Sunday:
Checkout – 6:30
Check In – 5:00

As a result of the delays, this weekend’s Cape Lookout Shootout will be the most lucrative weekend in the history of King Mackerel fishing with a total payout of $350,000+ (at least to our knowledge)

Make sure you come to the Boathouse to be part of this record breaking weekend. Good luck anglers and see you at the scales. Follow the action live on Cape Lookout Shootout Series.