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May 24, 2024
2018 Kingfish Cup – Top 30
Kingfish The Kingfish Cup

2018 Kingfish Cup – Top 30

2018 Championship Trophy - The Kingfish Cup Top 30


The Kingfish Cup

2018 Kingfish Cup – Top 30

1Miller TimeBrent Gainey16.534.0338.3543.8116.1819324
2Rigged and ReadyKevin Sneed27.6539.16030.597.3113552
3OIFCBrant McMullan24.638.3626.7089.6610393
4The Reel ExterminatorsMatt Canady26.216.1724.834.385.36717
5Liquid FireC. Mark Henderson15.933.13034.783.739201
6Strictly BusinessJeff Crouch25.7536.8418.9513.281.540
7Fully Loaded MarineDerek Treffinger22.526.27032.681.370
8Rasta RocketZack Shackleton22.724.2613.134.381.260
9Wilmington Auto/King HunterRobbie Roberts040.7225.413.279.3216667
10HOOLIGANJoseph Winslow14.9528.6519.929.878.350
11King Carnivore/Anglers MarineBRANDON WILKINS018.6728.529.176.2711068
12Long ShotWade Long16.5514.828.053175.68585
13Wahooligans Fishing TeamAaron Wilkinson7.732.67034.775.0711700
14Kryptek Fishing TeamJohn Sims18.232.09023.273.490
15Team OIFCBarrett McMullan21.7529.5821.45072.780
16Breaking Bad/Tackle BoxGary Pollard24.05018.153072.20
17Sea BanditLee Frick9.3525.914.930.871.60
18SolidsurfaceAndy Nettles039.5919.812.271.5912418
19Miles 2 FishBrent Welborn13.85034.8520.669.32700
20No QuarterWayne Tew10.5538.65019.568.77451
21Timber SailsPhil Hayes28.413.92025.868.126776
22Wrong HoleRick Earnhardt30.816.1116.0519.666.5113352
23Midnight RiderChristopher Clark11.833.92020.566.220
24Game HawgJerry Fehlig027.8616.421.765.960
25Conjured UpRyan Rayfield16.2525.15024.565.90
26FORGIVENRandy Burton4.930.4030.465.70
27Fishin TraditionPreston Kendall23.152121.25065.40
28Savy Dawn / Intracoastal Hardwood Floors IncRyan Clark016.01262365.011867
29Coming In HotAshley Widenhouse036.94026.163.040
30Sea P.A.Ken Ritch29.333.110062.419260

The 30 teams that amass the highest three fish point total will receive an invitation to compete in the Kingfish Cup Championship event.

In addition, any Kingfish Cup team that wins 1st place in a qualifying event will earn an invitation to the Championship; thus the largest possible field to fish the Kingfish Cup Championship will be 34 boats.  The Championship event will be held in November on Ocracoke Island, NC.