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Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout-Day 2 Results

Cape Charles, VA:

Leader Board
1Kerr Lake Boys II98.50 lbs
2Reel Mann I98.40 lbs
3Ocean East I93.70 lbs
4Le Grande Slam II89.70 lbs
5Reel Mann II87.60 lbs
6Earning Stripes64.30 lbs
7Unreel58.95 lbs

Biggest Fish
1Sho' Nuf I50.70 lbs
2Reel Mann I50.35 lbs
3Ocean East49.85 lbs
4Open Wide I49.70 lbs
5Reel Dirty II49.65 lbs
6Kerr Lake Boys II48.95 lbs

Each team is eligible to weigh-in their three (3) largest Striped Bass/Rockfish (Morone Saxatillis). Fish must each be a minimum length as defined by Virginia state measurements for Striped Bass.

Photo courtesy Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout