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May 28, 2024
2019 Redfish World Series Field Set
Redfish Saltwater Tournaments

2019 Redfish World Series Field Set

2019 Redfish World Series

The field for the much-anticipated inaugural Redfish World Series is set. The World Series is the first competitive redfish event ever conceived that brings the highest ranked teams from every tour in the country together to compete for the title of World Champion!

The Redfish World Series will be held in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana September 26-29, 2019 and offers the anglers an exciting new format in a four-day competition. For the first time in redfish history, these anglers will bring in a Progressive Bag Limit over the four-day competition. They begin on Day 1 with a two fish limit that increases daily to a Five fish limit on the final day.

Another unique twist to this competition is that the teams are not allowed to share any information with any angler other than their partner. This is another way that the RWS ensures that it is the best team of anglers, using only their personal knowledge and skills, that will eventually come out on top. These RWS anglers will need to employ serious strategies to avoid falling in the rankings. With this unique format, it’s anybody’s game until the final bell.

In yet another facet of the uniquely designed format, anglers that don’t make the cut for the final two days don’t just go home empty-handed. The 36 teams that don’t make the cut are given another chance to compete for cash and prizes on Day Three of the event where they will all compete in a one day shoot out for cash or a very cool swag bag of goodies.

The trophies for the winners of this event are like nothing ever before seen in redfish competitions. The winners will be receiving a check for $50,000 and Championship Rings as well as a world-class bronze sculpture while those in 2nd through 5th will be receiving a significant check, plaques, and medals to recognize their accomplishment in the competition.

The anglers will be participating in a Parish Day on Wednesday of the week of competition where they will visit local businesses, schools, and hospitals to promote the event and goodwill between the participants and the parish. The week will then be culminated by a World Series Redfish Festival and the Day 3 and Day 4 weigh-ins will be held onstage at the festival.

There are also plans underway to create a Miss Redfish Festival Pageant as well as a local parade that will include as many of the anglers in their boats as we can get. This is a great opportunity for the anglers to promote their sponsors as well as enjoying the interaction with parish citizens prior to the tension-filled four days of competition.

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The 2019 World Series field is fully registered and confirmed. Join me in congratulating these teams for the 2019 Redfish World Series:


1. Jamie Hough/Trent Brady
2 Bo Favre/Trey Fryfogle
3. Joe Wortham/Randy Lane
4. Trevor Taylor/Steve Ward
5. Cole Starr/Brent Juarez
6. Fred Myers/Britt Ordes
7. Chris Evans/Matt Stinnett
8. Barnie White/Chad Dufrene
9. Shane Pescay/Nicky Savoie
10. Chance Angel/Kevin Roberts
11. Bobby Weir/Matt Schoen
12. Kyle Potts/Cody Chivas
13. Travis Hancock/Joseph Gumble
14. Joey Romero/Jesse Romero
15. Bobby Gilbert /Shane Dubose
16. Jason Prieto/Brian Visnovec
17. Barrett McMullen/Jay Cetodal
18. Ron Hueston/Chris Hueston
19. Todd McKellar/Bart Crader
20. Rennie Clark/Ashley Lowder
21. Tadd Van de Mark/Travis Tucker
22. Martin Simmons/Keith McBride
23. Ryan Rickard/Graham Taylor
24. Chris Logan/Jason White
25. Glenn Winningham/Aaron Hommel
26. Jeremy Heimes/Mickey Gibbs
27. Ronnie Pitts/Chris Rosengarten
28. Derek Taylor/Brian Goude
29. Mike Taylor/John Roberts
30. Bobby Sullivan/Bo Sullivan
31. Austin Angel/Lance Reynolds
32. Kris Robert/Fred Peterman
33. Jason Dail/ Allen Jernigan
34. Mike Tindal/Artie Price
35. Marvie Benford/Rob Cowan
36. Jacob Leininger/Jeff Rogers
37. Eddie Adams/Sean O’Connell
38. David Christian/Ray Malone
39. Travis Land/T. Paul Dufrene
40. Mark Sepe/Jeff Pope
41. Ben Alderman/Geoff Page
42. Mark Robinson/Tony Salinas
43. John Henninger/Chris Henninger
44. Mike Frenette/Michael Frenette
45. Chris Chappell/ Tim Cole
46. Jimmy Lloyd/Jeff Steckler
47. Josh Hall/ Mitch Chevalier
48. Casey Brunning/Ty Hibbs