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May 24, 2024
WHO’S YOUR DADDY wins Wahoo Smackdown
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WHO’S YOUR DADDY wins Wahoo Smackdown

Congratulations to “Who’s Your Daddy” on their win at the Wahoo Smackdown after weighing in an impressive two day total of 232 lbs!

The Wahoo Smackdown is an annual event that takes place at the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina. Wahoo fishing at it’s best.

Day 1 Results

1Who's Your Daddy46.30 lbs41.10 lbs36.90 lbs124.3 lbs
2Blitzsea43.20 lbs36.50 lbs31.70 lbs111.40 lbs
3Murderized37.60 lbs29.60 lbs29.20 lbs96.40 lbs
44 Play33.90 lbs31.80 lbs26.90 lbs92.60 lbs
5Hot Pursuit41.30 lbs26.90 lbs23.90 lbs92.10 lbs
6Bad Habits40.20 lbs25.40 lbs23.30 lbs88.90 lbs
7What It Is38.60 lbs26.90 lbs22.40 lbs87.90 lbs
8Team Briskey31.00 lbs28.30 lbs27.40 lbs86.70 lbs
9Seaductive27.60 lbs27.60 lbs27.30 lbs82.50 lbs
10Little Giant27.00 lbs24.20 lbs23.10 lbs74.30 lbs
11Nervous Waves27.70 lbs22.00 lbs13.70 lbs63.40 lbs
12Game Over35.10 lbs21.60 lbs--------56.70 lbs
13Mi Novia28.50 lbs25.80 lbs--------54.30 lbs
14Damage INC.24.40 lbs23.30 lbs---------47.70 lbs
15Fish Wish26.50 lbs16.70 lbs--------43.20 lbs
16Azucar37.20 lbs------------------37.20 lbs
17Cut The Line35.90 lbs------------------35.90 lbs
18Unconquered31.70 lbs-----------------31.70 lbs
19Freespool25.20 lbs------------------25.20 lbs
20Barefoot15.00 lbs-----------------15.00 lbs
Day 2 Results
PLACEBOAT 1st Fish2nd Fish3rd FishTotal Weight
1Free Spool41.10 lbs34.40 lbs32.20 lbs107.70 lbs
2Who's Your Daddy39.60 lbs37.10 lbs30.50 lbs107.20 lbs
3Little Giant50.70 lbs28.30 lbs22.10 lbs101.30 lbs
4Mi Novia40.40 lbs29.00 lbs28.20 lbs97.60 lbs
5Murderizer40.90 lbs31.3 lbs25.00 lbs97.20 lbs
6Blitzsea37.90 lbs29.40 lbs27.70 lbs95.00 lbs
7Nervous Water44.50 lbs27.00 lbs22.10 lbs93.60 lbs
8Bad Habits32.80 lbs31.00 lbs29.30 lbs93.10 lbs
9Sea Ductive32.20 lbs29.40 lbs29.40 lbs91.00 lbs
10Cut The Line32.50 lbs28.50 lbs28.30 lbs89.30 lbs
11What It Is35.40 lbs29.80 lbs11.20 lbs76.40 lbs
12Hot Pursuit31.9 lbs24.30 lbs18.00 lbs74.20 lbs
13Fish Wish37.40 lbs33.30 lbs-------70.70 lbs
14Game Over24.10 lbs11.80 lbs9.90 lbs45.8 lbs
15Barefoot30.20 lbs--------------30.20 lbs
16Damage INC26.90 lbs--------------26.90 lbs
17Stage 226.50 lbs--------------26.50 lbs
184 Play18.40 lbs--------------18.40 lbs
19Bill Collector14.70 lbs--------------14.70 lbs
Final Results
1Who's Your Daddy107.20 lbs124.30 lbs232.00 lbs
2Blitzsea95.00 lbs111.40 lbs206.4 lbs
3Murderized97.20 lbs96.40 lbs193.60 lbs
4Bad Habit93.10 lbs88.90 lbs182.00 lbs
5Little Giant101.30 lbs74.30 lbs175.60 lbs
6Sea Ductive91.00 lbs82.50 lbs173.50 lbs
7Hot Pursuit74.20 lbs92.10 lbs166.30 lbs
8What It Is76.40 lbs87.90 lbs164.30 lbs
9Nervous Water93.60 lbs63.40 lbs157.00 lbs
10Mi Novia97.60 lbs54.30 lbs151.90 lbs
11Free Spool107.70 lbs25.20 lbs132.90 lbs
12Cut The Line89.30 lbs35.90 lbs125.20 lbs
134 Play18.40 lbs92.60 lbs111.00 lbs
14Fish Wish70.70 lbs16.70 lbs87.40 lbs
15Team Briskey86.70 lbs-------86.70 lbs
16Damage INC26.90 lbs47.70 lbs74.60 lbs
17Game Over45.80 lbs-------45.80 lbs
18Barefoot30.20 lbs15.00 lbs45.20 lbs
19Unconquered31.70 lbs-------31.70 lbs
20Azucar37.20 lbs-------37.20 lbs
21Stage 226.50 lbs-------26.50 lbs
22Bill Collector14.70 lbs-------14.70 lbs

Photo courtesy of Bimini Big Game Club