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May 24, 2024
Neuse River Fishing Report – June 5 2018
Fishing Reports Neuse River Saltwater Fishing Reports

Neuse River Fishing Report – June 5 2018

Neuse River Fishing Report June 2018

Weekly Fishing Report – June 5th, 2018 – Neuse River Bait & Tackle

Neuse River Bait TackleThe Neuse is looking up, even with the wind and rain that we have had. Lots of fish being caught right now.

The Striped bass have migrated back down river from their annual spawn and in big numbers! We all know what that means, topwater excitement! One of the most underrated things to do on the Neuse is Topwater Striper fishing! You will find most of your bites happening on the main river as most of the bait is there. Fish stumps, pilings, docks, and any other forms of structure along the river shoreline. As aggressive as they are you will have them hit your topwater clear into the sky several times before they latch on sometimes. To find them cover as much shoreline as possible outside of creek mouths and main river points until you find a area where the bite is on. Soft plastics swimbait, and jerk baits work great as well but topwater is way more fun!

The good thing about topwater this time of year is there is no telling what you may catch. Anglers are having areas where they will catch Largemouth, Stripers, Trout, and Redfish, all in the same area on top. That’s the great thing about the Neuse River! The fisheries are endless but can be caught all in the same areas.

Slot Redfish and Trophy sized Redfish are finally being caught but most are scattered and are not traveling in schools. Some anglers are using fresh mullet, Mud Minnows or fiddler crab/blue crab this time of year, but some are catching on Berkley Gulp or Zman using 1/8oz to 1/4oz jig heads depending on water depth. Believe it or not MR17 Mirrolures work great as well. Let not forget Popping corks with soft plastics underneath, that really creates a great presentation!

Speckled Trout season is upon us as well with a lot of nice Speckled Trout being caught on the Lower Neuse River, Bay River and Pamlico Sound areas. Early morning topwater is a great way to catch a big one. Also Mirrolure MR 17 and popping corks will always do the trick! For the big boys, fish small live Croakers, Pinfish, or Mud Minnows on a Carolina rig around the artificial reefs and bottom structure.


Let’s not forget about the most sought after this time of year, Flounder! The Flounder bite has steadily increased, and have been caught near muddy bottom marsh points, or areas where the marsh meet sandy bottoms. They seem to like bottom changes with structure close by for a quick ambush point. Most anglers are having great success on the main river with some being caught in creeks. Live Mud minnows or Finger Mullet seems to work best, fish it on a Carolina rig with a #2 Eagle Claw Kahle hook. Our personal favorite to catch them is a 5″ Chartreuse Gulp or Zman fished on a 1/4oz jig head. Make plenty of bottom contact. Remember if your not getting hung on structure your not fishing the right areas.

For more info visit our Facebook, Instagram or give us a call at the shop 252-745-0708. We will be glad to help! Happy Fishing!

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