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May 23, 2024
Neuse River Fishing Report – May 16 2018
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Neuse River Fishing Report – May 16 2018


Fishing on the Neuse River has started to improve with days of little wind and higher water temps. Water temps have been holding consistent around 72-75 during the day and dropping to 67-69 at night.

Topwater, Topwater, Topwater! With the water temps the way they are, that early morning topwater bite has been awesome. Stripers, Trout, and Drum are committing to walk the dog style lures such as Mirrolure Top Pups, Rapala Skitter Walks and Heddon Super Spook Jrs (My Favorite). For folks that have a hard time walking topwater lures pick yourself up a Storm ChugBug or Rapala Skitter Pops, they work great to make just the right popping presentation for a reaction like no other. The best places that we have found to catch fish on top is 6′ or less water with a good consistency of baitfish. Structure such as stumps, layovers, and docks are areas that is most likely to hold fish. I like to be out in the area I am going to use topwater just before daybreak , this allows you to do a couple of things…. Listen for fish busting on bait and be ready for the first twinkle of daylight because the topwater bite doesn’t last long. At the most a couple of hours with overcast.

Starting to see good numbers of Redfish and Flounder on the Neuse. Anglers are starting to catch limits of both on the lower end of the Neuse River with lots of them being in the creeks. There lots of grass in the creeks but it usually thins out around the creek mouths. Don’t let the grass discourage you from fishing, some of the best fish are laying in the grass and waiting for your lure to pass by their nose. Utilize a cigar or oval style popping cork to stay out of the grass. It works out great to stay above the grass surface. Lots of fish are being caught on the main river just outside of creek mouths. Storm’s Coastal GT Series lures work great for fishing on the main river along with Berkley Gulp Shrimp and Z-Man Paddlerz.. Make as much bottom contact as possible.

The Neuse River has started to produce a few Trophy sized Redfish on topwater and also popping corks. Redfish as big as 51″ have been caught on the Neuse and Pamlico Sound in the last two weeks. It is still early yet and we don’t expect to see the big push of Redfish til later this year. But be sure to keep an eye out on Facebook or Instagram for most up to date Neuse River News.

Anglers are still catching plenty of Speckled Trout as well. They are starting to fall into place with the yearly transition, making their way into the sound and Ocean to spawn. The vast majority of Speckled Trout are going to be found on the lower end of the Neuse River on the main river shore edges and just inside grassy creeks. Cigar style popping corks with Vudu Shrimp or DOA Shrimp underneath works really good to trigger a bite. Using a 24″ leader underneath the cork works best. Mirrolure MR17 are still a hot ticket item for most anglers trying to catch trout. You also can use soft plastics rigged weedless using a weighted worm hook. The Owner Twist-lock series seems to work the best for most anglers.

For more info about the Neuse River, fishing reports, fishing help and lures that are working come by Neuse River Bait and Tackle or visit our Facebook/ Instagram pages. Also you can give us a call 252-745-0708. Happy Fishing!

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