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June 18, 2024
Kids On The Water
Capt Jay Fishing

Kids On The Water

We are starting off the New Year right! One of our goals is to add more articles and updates to our blog throughout the year. The topic today is “Kids Fishing.” This is an area that is close to home for us and one that we are very passionate about. We want to help inspire and educate kids to fish.

Most of our team are blessed with children and know the importance of getting them on the water. I don’t know about you, but I can remember fishing with my family when I was little. I have great memories of trying to catch “the big one” and in the process learning a little bit about life. Whether it’s saltwater or freshwater … from the shore, in a boat, or on a pier, it doesn’t matter where. Just so children are getting to be on or around water is what’s important.

When I sat down to write this article, I thought, what does fishing mean to me? To me, fishing is more than a hook, bait, and line. Fishing replicates life. Fishing is like life in that there are appropriate times to do certain things. With fishing, you prepare, wait, make a decision, and are given an outcome. If you don’t prepare correctly, wait patiently, or make the right decision, the outcome could be very different. Kind of like life … right?

My family uses fishing as a way to “unplug” from the digital world and spend quality time with each other. This is something we started early in their lives and continue today. My wife and I are blessed with 3 boys. Each of my children has a love for fishing and respect for the water.

It has been our goal since we started this network to work hard to help inspire youth by getting them involved in fishing. We encourage you to take the time to get on the water with your family or volunteer with one of the great organizations like Take A Kid Fishing. It is important to instill the love for the outdoors and fishing in our youth. They are the future tournament anglers, captains, and fishing enthusiasts of tomorrow. Plus, the sport is wholesome and family oriented and teaches all of us about nature and the great outdoors!

Don’t just post about it ….. Let’s get kids fishing!