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June 13, 2024
Savage Gear Prop Pulls Double Duty for Big Fish
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Savage Gear Prop Pulls Double Duty for Big Fish


Many baits can create different actions, based on retrieve style, but the Savage Gear Prop Walker can literally become two different baits. Need noisy, obnoxious sputtering to search broad areas and find active fish? Check. How ‘bout a smooth walking topwater that’ll coax those hungry fish? Check.

The key to this bait’s legit versatility is the adaptable posterior section holding a collapsible pair of forward-facing, concave blades. For prop bait mode, extend the blades and every forward tug causes the bait’s posterior section to spin. The result: an aggressive display that appeals to a predator’s instinct to attack what looks like a struggling forward fish.

When it’s time to walk the dog, simply fold the prop blades forward against the bait’s side and secure them by snapping onto the pegs set with groves built into the lower edge of the bait’s upper section. This arrangement ensures effective presentation by preventing inadvertent resistance and accidental blade extension.

With the prop function engaged, the bait’s cupped mouth adds forward commotion by pushing water for enhanced appeal. For walking presentations, the Prop Walker’s narrow profile smoothly sashays across the water’s surface with an alluring motion that fish can track from for long distances.

“You might say the Savage Gear Prop Walker has a split personality, but both of them function efficiently, while complementing one another,” said Savage Gear Marketing Manager Jose Chavez. “Anglers can cover expansive areas with the prop function, but then utilize the walker function to narrow down their search. This bait’s quick change ability makes it very strategic, because you can accomplish two objectives without switching baits.

“What’s most impressive about this bait is the super-durable material used to make those collapsible blades. Unlike rigid metal or hard plastic props, the Prop Walker’s blades can handle the occasional bending, twisting and flexing without breaking or losing their functional shape.”

Measuring 5 1/4 inches long, the Savage Gear Prop Walker is available in six ultra-realistic colors (bone, dirty silver, black, ghost minnow, American shad, white, golden shiner, and fire tiger. MSRP is $13.99

Savage Gear products are developed by a team of worldwide anglers driven by a passion for capturing the largest predatory species in whatever waters they fish. The synergy of their collective experience and insight yields superior tools that allow every angler to pursue the same objective. Savage Gear — for those who dare to catch bigger fish!