Fishermen Helping Fishermen

Most of you saw the image we shared yesterday of Captain Thomas Bennett and mate Ashley catching a very large Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Atlantic Beach, NC in a 1987/88 23 foot Parker Boats Center Console. Well what you may not know is when Thomas called out asking other boats for assistance with his exceptional catch the Pelagic Sportfishing Captain Mike Webb, mate Curtis Morris and the Pelagic Crew answered the call. Mike and Curtis jumped onboard to help fellow anglers in need of much needed assistance getting the 500 lb Bluefin Tuna onboard.

Earlier this week I (Capt Jay) went offshore with the Pelagic Crew and Capt Mike and Curtis looking for Bluefin Tuna and hearing that Mike and Curtis stopped to render assistance does not surprise me at the least.

These are the things fishermen do to help each other out while on the water. In our eyes we need more stories like this on social media to highlight these wonderful acts of kindness.

Congrats Thomas and Ashley on your impressive catch (and boating of your fish). Curtis and Mike pretty work on helping out fellow fishermen!
Let’s pay it forward!

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