Mark Davis of BigWater Adventures joins the Marolina Outdoor Inc. Team and the Huk Performance Fishing brand. Mark Davis of BigWater Adventures brings the most intense action to the forefront of the fishing world. Huk Performance Fishing and its superior line allow Mark to go anywhere and fish in any condition. The two are looking forward to new and exciting adventures together.

Mark’s ability to travel to unique locations and capture the most innovative and high-quality footage marries with Huk Performance Fishing’s vision as a brand of distinction in the industry. Huk Performance Fishing truly separates itself from competitors due to the quality and unique performance designs.

“I am excited to push Huk Performance Fishing to its limits. We will be bringing you BIG, NEW and EXCITING adventures on the water. Apparel can make or break your day, from the heat of Costa Rica, to the extreme conditions of Alaska; Huk Performance Fishing will keep us fighting fish longer.” – Mark Davis