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May 24, 2024
The Fa La Me wins the 2013 Buccaneer Cup

The Fa La Me wins the 2013 Buccaneer Cup

It came down to the wire but The Fa La Me team pulled out two fish at the very end to win the 50th Anniversary of The Buccaneer Cup. Congrats to The Fa La Me team! These guys sure have been a winning streak!

Overall Standings:
1 Fa La Me                   4500 Points
2 Viking 55                 3900 Points
3 Wees In teh Keys 3800 Points
Sandman                 3400 Points
Absolut Joy             3200 Points
De-Bait-Able            3200 Points
Miss Annie                3000 Points
Hit N Run                   3000 Points
Judge                           3000 Points

(Header Photo Credit: The Fa La Me 2013 Buccaneer Cup – Photo Credit The Fa La Me –  Pat Moore )

More information on the tournament:


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