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Pro Bass Angler Brandon Palaniuk shares how he spools up new reels with Seaguar Fluorocarbon.    
Mark Davis breaks down Seaguar Fluorocarbon.  
Mark Davis - BigWater Adventures discuss the impact the dimeter of leader line material has on fishing.    
John Deshauteurs – Professional Kayak Angler
The Salt Fever - John Deshauteurs - Professional Kayak Angler John's passion for Kayak fishing started at 16 years old. Kayak fishing changed his life and allowed him to dream. Watch to see how a young man from Mississippi followed his heart and dreams of being in the fishing industry.    
The natural world bristles with life in the spring. Your lawn’s formerly brown grass transitions to a lush, vibrant green. Bare branches on trees and shrubs become dressed with wardrobes of blossoms and leaves. Beneath the water’s surface, once dormant shallows now teem with life, from the smallest insects to the largest aquatic predators, as powerful photons from the...
As water temperatures rise into the 60s, primal urges draw bass toward hard-bottomed shallows where nest building, followed by spawning, will occur. This is a time of transition for bass, as they leave deep water wintering areas and make their way toward the shorelines. Bass on the move frequently respond positively to active, mobile presentations, and as such, the...
Line Watchers, Rejoice! Seaguar Delivers with High-Visibility Smackdown - Flash Green New York, NY (July, 2018) When the water is warm or clear, or the fish are wary or highly pressured, there is simply no substitute for finesse. Under these conditions, a recipe of small baits, light line, and long casts is frequently the best way, and sometimes the only way,...
Seaguar Gold Label Leader Material Seaguar Introduces its thinnest leader material yet. Developed to be even less visible underwater, give baits more action and help get more bites from finicky fish. We had the opportunity to fish with this new leader in late August with Mark Davis and the BigWater Adventures crew. Seaguar knocked it out of the park! Thinner diameter, ridiculous...

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